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SUITS Season 5 Episode Guide

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

SUITS Season 5 Episode Guide

Episode 5×03 “No Refills”

Harvey brings some star power to his ongoing conflict with Jack Soloff – a conflict that Louis and Donna can’t seem to stay clear of.

Mike brings in Robert Zane to co-counsel a case, pitting his instincts as a lawyer against his desire to stay in his future father-in-law’s good graces.

And while Jessica mediates between Mike and Zane, she tasks Rachel with an unusual assignment.

Original Air Date: July 8 2015


Episode 5×02 “Compensation”

Harvey searches for a replacement for Donna.

Mike takes a case as a favor, which he must justify to Jessica – while Rachel’s father, Robert Zane, offers some unsolicited advice about Rachel’s engagement to Mike.

And Louis is embroiled in surprising money matters, while an up-and-coming partner, Jack, makes his presence known to Jessica, confronting her about whether Harvey’s way of doing business is beneficial to the firm.

Original Air Date: July 1 2015


Episode 5×01 “Denial”

In the Season Five opener, Harvey has difficulty adjusting to changes around the office, which affects his ability to do his work.

Donna must acclimate to working for Louis, who’s certain it’s only a matter of time before she returns to Harvey.

Mike and Rachel must decide how and when to share their big news, but their excitement about their future together will take a back seat to Harvey and Mike’s latest case.

Original Air Date: June 24 2015

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