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  • BLINDSPOT 4×01 “Hella Duplicitous” Photos

    Blindspot is back for a fourth season on Oct. 12, and sporting a premiere episode title we can all get behind. “Hella Duplicitous” will pick up the threads of last season’s finale in which Jane reverted to...

    • Posted September 12, 2018
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  • NBC Announces 2018/19 Premiere Dates

    NBC is first out of the starting gate with dates for its 2018/19 primetime line up. New Lost-esque drama Manifest takes a post Voice slot at 10 pm on Mondays, starting Sept. 24, while critical and ratings...

    • Posted June 19, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT Season 3 Finale Review: “In Memory”

      BLINDSPOT REVIEW: “IN MEMORY”    BY PAULINE PERENACK   Ok Blindspotters, we’ve officially made it to the end of season three. Last week’s episode brought Shepherd back into Jane’s life, seemingly for the last time as...

    • Posted May 20, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT Review: “Defection”

    BLINDSPOT “DEFECTION” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   A Building Battle Great news #Blindspotters! Our favorite show was renewed this week for a season 4! But before we can even think about what will happen next season,...

    • Posted May 14, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT Recap: “Let it Go”

      BLINDSPOT “LET IT GO” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Bill! Bill! Bill! Last week on Blindspot, the team chased after a tattoo clue, and ended up destroying a weapon that Crawford wanted. They even managed...

    • Posted May 7, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT Review: “Galaxy of Minds”

      BLINDSPOT REVIEW: “GALAXY OF MINDS”    BY PAULINE PERENACK   The Golden Rhino Last week on Blindspot we were held in suspense as each member of our team had to fight for their lives against the...

    • Posted April 27, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT Review: “Clamorous Night”

    BLINDSPOT REVIEW: “CLAMOROUS NIGHT”   BY PAULINE PERENACK   So Many Assassins Ok, Blindspotters, we made it through yet another hiatus, and now we’re in the home stretch to the finale. If you remember, last time we...

    • Posted April 23, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Mum’s the Word” Review

      BLINDSPOT “MUM’S THE WORD” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Switching Sides Last week on Blindspot, some of the season’s loose ends began to come together. We learned that Borden survived the explosion everyone thought killed...

    • Posted March 30, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Artful Dodge” Review

      BLINDSPOT “ARTFUL DODGE” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK     Zapata’s Unlucky Day Last week on Blindspot, our main focus was the return of Cade, who helped the team out with the tattoo case of the...

    • Posted March 23, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Deductions” Review

      BLINDSPOT “DEDUCTIONS” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Saving Blake Last week on Blindspot, Patterson found herself in her very own Groundhog Day loop as she fought for her life after being injured in an explosion....

    • Posted March 16, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT 3.15 “Deductions” Photos

    BLINDSPOT “DEDUCTIONS”   The team must decide whether to trust a prisoner who warns them of a dangerous plot. Zapata (Audrey Esparza) is caught between the FBI and the CIA. Roman (Luke Mitchell) and Crawford (Special Guest...

    • Posted March 14, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Everlasting” Review

      BLINDSPOT “EVERLASTING” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Groundhog Day   Last week on Blindspot we were treated to the return of Nas, and some wonderful interactions with Rich Dotcom. As the team reeled from the...

    • Posted March 11, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Warning Shot” Review

      BLINDSPOT “WARNING SHOT” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Welcome Back, Nas Welcome back Blindspotters! It’s been a while since our favorite team graced our screen, and last we saw them, there were so many things...

    • Posted March 3, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Warning Shot” Sneak Peek

    An enthusiastic exchange between Zapata, and Reed’s new journalist flame, Meg (Reshma Shetty), reveals a surprising and potentially relationship-damaging truth in this new sneak peek clip from Blindspot’s next episode. The awkward moment reveals itself when Zapata...

    • Posted February 28, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT 3.14 “Everlasting” Photos

    BLINDSPOT EPISODE 3.14 “EVERLASTING”   When Patterson’s (Ashley Johnson) investigation into a tattoo results in a horrible incident, she tries to figure out what went wrong– but quickly realizes all is not as it seems. Also starring...

    • Posted February 22, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT 3.13 “Warning Shot” Photos

    BLINDSPOT EPISODE 3.13 “WARNING SHOT”   A surprising visit from Nas (Special Guest Star Archie Panjabi) leads the team to investigate a dangerous piece of technology that was stolen from the NSA. Roman (Luke Mitchell) and Blake...

    • Posted February 22, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Two Legendary Chums” Recap

      BLINDSPOT “TWO LEGENDARY CHUMS” REVIEW   BY PAULINE PERENACK   The Ties that Bind Last week on Blindspot, we saw the return of Rich Dotcom’s ex-boyfriend, Boston, who helped the team stop a rogue hacker who...

    • Posted February 5, 2018
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  • Blindspot “Two Legendary Chums” Sneak Peek

    A family that takes lie detector tests together stays together? OK, we’re not quite sure where we’re going with that one either, but it looks like Jane’s daughter Avery is about to undergo the FBI’s same unique...

    • Posted February 1, 2018
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  • Weller Reunites With His Former FBI Partner in BLINDSPOT Episode 3×12 “Two Legendary Chums”

    BLINDSPOT “TWO LEGENDARY CHUMS”   Episode 3×12 “Two Legendary Chums” — Weller (Sullivan Stapleton) and his former FBI partner reunite for a dangerous undercover mission while Zapata (Audrey Esparza) interrogates a past foe. Also starring Jaimie Alexander...

    • Posted February 1, 2018
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  • BLINDSPOT “Technology Wizards” Review: We Need More Roman!

    BLINDSPOT “TECHNOLOGY WIZARDS”   BY PAULINE PERENACK   Boston, Boston, Boston Last week Blindspot saw major turmoil in Jeller land, we learned a little more about Reade’s girlfriend and the budding love triangle with Zapata, and it also looked...

    • Posted January 27, 2018
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