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  • EMPIRE 5×07 “Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils” Photos

    Episode 5×07 “Treasons, Stratagems, and Spoils”   THE LYONS AND EMPIRE ARE FORCED TO WORK TOGETHER   In an effort to bridge the gap between Lyon Family Management and Empire, Lucious must play nice with Jeff Kingsley,...

    • Posted November 6, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×06 “What is Done” Photos

    Episode 5×06 “What is Done”   COOKIE AND LUCIOUS RACE TO FIND MORE UNTAPPED TALENT   In an effort to sign more artists, Cookie and Lucious make a bet to see who can find someone first. While...

    • Posted October 23, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×05 “The Depth of Grief” Photos

    Episode 5×05 “The Depth of Grief”   THE LYONS WONDER IF THEIR NEW ARTIST HAS WHAT IT TAKES R&B and Pop Hit Artist Mario Guest Stars   [EDITOR’S NOTE: In the event that a World Series Game...

    • Posted October 13, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×04 “Love All, Trust a Few” Photos

    THE LYONS THINK THEY’VE GOT THEIR NEW HIT ARTIST   R&B and Pop Artist Mario Guest-Stars   Episode 5×04 “Love All, Trust a Few” — The Lyon family works to get back in their groove with a...

    • Posted October 4, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×03 “Pride” Photos

    THE LYONS BAND TOGETHER TO GET BACK ON TOP   Episode 5×03 “Pride”  — Cookie and Lucious push to get back in the music game, but they’ll need the whole family and some old allies to make...

    • Posted September 27, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×02 “Pay For Their Presumptions” Photos

    COOKIE AND LUCIOUS STRUGGLE WITH THEIR NEW ARTIST   Episode 5×02 “Pay For their Presumptions” — Cookie and Lucious learn the difficulties of launching an artist without Empire Entertainment’s resources, and their future with new artist Treasure...

    • Posted September 20, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 5×01 “Steal From the Thief” Photos

    THE LYONS WORK TO REBUILD THEIR LIVES WITHOUT EMPIRE ENTERTAINMENT ON THE SEASON FIVE PREMIERE OF EMPIRE  Two years after losing Empire to Eddie Barker (guest star Forest Whitaker), Cookie and Lucious are still in the midst...

    • Posted September 17, 2018
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  • EMPIRE Season 5

    Episode 5×08 “Master of What is Mine Own” KINGSLEY PULLS A COSTLY POWER MOVE The cost of running Lyon Family Management starts to put pressure on Cookie and Lucious’ relationship. When Kingsley pulls a power move of...

    • Posted September 3, 2018
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  • FOX Sets Primetime Premiere Dates For 2018/19 Season

    FOX is the latest network to reveal premiere dates for the fall 2018/19 season. While promising new vampire drama The Passage won’t hit our screens until mid-season, 9-1-1, now featuring new cast member Jennifer Love Hewitt, will...

    • Posted July 11, 2018
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  • EMPIRE 4.10 “Birds in the Cage” Photos

    EMPIRE SPRING PREMIERE “BIRDS IN THE CAGE” NURSE CLAUDIA AND COOKIE FIGHT OVER LUCIOUS Demi Moore and Forest Whitaker Guest-Star   Nurse Claudia (guest star Demi Moore) takes her job to a new level, when she kidnaps...

    • Posted March 15, 2018
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  • A Life Hangs in the Balance on EMPIRE’s Fall Finale “Slave to Memory”

    EMPIRE “SLAVE TO MEMORY”   THE LYONS CLAP BACK   Episode 4×09 “Slave to Memory” (Fall Finale) — Cookie and Lucious devise an elaborate plan to take down Diana Dubois and her family once and for all....

    • Posted December 12, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Photos: Cookie and Lucious Take Matters into Their Own Hands in Episode 4×08 “Cupid Painted Blind”

    EMPIRE “CUPID PAINTED BLIND”   DIANA DUBOIS’ PLAN COMES TO FRUITION   Episode 4×08 “Cupid Painted Blind” — Cookie and Lucious take matters into their own hands as they watch Diana DuBois’ master scheme unfold. Meanwhile, Andre begins...

    • Posted December 4, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Photos: A Strike Leaves Cookie Scrambling For a Solution in Episode 4×07 “The Lady Doth Protest”

    EMPIRE “THE LADY DOTH PROTEST”   EMPIRE GOES ON STRIKE Forest Whitaker (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) Guest-Stars   Episode 4×07 “The Lady Doth Protest” — Production comes to a halt on Empire’s 20-For-20 when Calvin and Portia,...

    • Posted November 9, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Photos: Anika and Hakeem Begin a Custody Battle For Bella

    EMPIRE “FORTUNE BE NOT CROST”   THE LYONS BAND TOGETHER TO HELP HAKEEM   Demi Moore (“Indecent Proposal”) Guest-Stars   Episode 4×06 “Fortune Be Not Crost” — The Lyon family stands together as Anika and Hakeem begin...

    • Posted October 23, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Episode 4×05 “The Fool” Photos

    “THE FOOL”   THE SECRET IS OUT   Forest Whitaker (Lee Daniels’ The Butler), Demi Moore (Indecent Proposal) and Teyonah Parris (Dear White People) Guest-Star Episode 4×05 “The Fool” — When the secret about Lucious’ memory is...

    • Posted October 18, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Episode 4.04 “Bleeding War” Photos

    EMPIRE SEASON FOUR   EMPIRE’S ALPHA ALBUM IS UP FOR GRABS   Episode 4.04 “Bleeding War” — The race is on when Cookie announces that the number one album for Empire’s 20-For-20 will be a competition between...

    • Posted October 3, 2017
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  • EMPIRE Episode 4.03 “Evil Manners” Photos

    EMPIRE SEASON 4 COOKIE RECOUNTS HER TIME IN PRISON IN EPISODE 4.03 “EVIL MANNERS”   When Cookie is denied a line of credit, she flashes back to her years in prison and compares her past struggles to...

    • Posted September 28, 2017
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  • EMPIRE 4.02 “Full Circle” Photos

    EMPIRE “FULL CIRCLE” LUCIOUS SEEKS ANSWERS FROM AN OLD FRIEND Guest Star Forest Whitaker (“Lee Daniels’ The Butler”) Begins Multi-Episode Arc     Episode 4×02 “Full Circle” — With Leah still insisting that he is a monster,...

    • Posted September 19, 2017
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  • EMPIRE 4.01 “Noble Memory” Photos

      EMPIRE SEASON 4 PREMIERE LUCIOUS RETURNS TO THE SPOTLIGHT   Episode 4×01 “Noble Memory” — Lucious makes his first public appearance since the explosion in Las Vegas, but still has no memory of his family, Empire...

    • Posted September 15, 2017
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  • Catch a First Look at Diana’s Revenge Plans in EMPIRE Season 4

    Empire and Star are set to dominate Wednesday nights on FOX this September. Both shows officially return with back to back crossover episodes on Sept. 27. To celebrate, the network has released some lush cast photography ahead...

    • Posted August 30, 2017
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