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  • Joss Whedon Confirmed for Avengers 2 and Marvel TV Project

    To the surprise of absolutely no one following the smash success of this summer’s Avengers movie (which has earned nearly $1.5 billion since its release in May), Disney and Marvel Studios have officially confirmed that Joss Whedon...

    • Posted August 8, 2012
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  • Air Date Announced for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog on CW

    CW Network has set an October 9, 2012 air date for Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog, the cult hit web musical from Joss Whedon (who has established Geek God credentials as the creator of Buffy the Vampire Slayer,...

    • Posted August 1, 2012
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  • Thrilling Heroics! Firefly 10th Anniversary Panel at Comic Con

    Last Friday at the San Diego Comic Con, Firefly creator Joss Whedon appeared onstage with cast members Nathan Fillion, Alan Tudyk, Summer Glau, Sean Maher and Adam Baldwin, alongside writers Tim Minear and Jose Molina to honor the...

    • Posted July 16, 2012
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  • Firefly 10th Anniversary Comic-Con Panel Will be a TV Special

    Shiny news, Firefly fans! This week’s Firefly reunion panel at the San Diego Comic-Con is being filmed by Science Channel for a one-hour Firefly 10th Anniversary reunion special to air in November, according to an article in...

    • Posted July 12, 2012
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  • ‘Joss Whedon – The Complete Companion’ More than Just a Companion Guide

    Joss Whedon – The Complete Companion, The TV Series, The Movies, The Comic Books and More from acclaimed Pop Culture Magazine PopMatters and Titan Books is possibly the most comprehensive book on Joss Whedon ever written. With...

    • Posted May 29, 2012
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  • Movie Review: The Avengers

    The primary challenge for Joss Whedon as the director of The Avengers is combining the disparate elements of the previous five Marvel Studios films into one coherent narrative. How does Whedon seamlessly blend the winking sarcasm of...

    • Posted April 24, 2012
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  • Spoiler Free Review: The Cabin in the Woods

    With the ominous trailer tagline of, “You think you know the story… think again”, The Cabin in the Woods‘ premise suggests horror fans have something to be excited about. Today’s ‘horror’ movies frequently end up being an...

    • Posted April 18, 2012
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  • Comicon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope Feature Documentary Trailer

    Comicon Episode IV: A Fan’s Hope is the new feature length documentary film from Morgan Spurlock (Supersize Me), which is playing now in limited release nationwide. The film chronicles the adventures of five hardcore fans at the “ultimate...

    • Posted April 14, 2012
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  • Joss Whedon Confirms Doctor Horrible 2 is Coming Soon

    In a Q&A at the SXSW music and film festival in Austin, Texas this week, Avengers director Joss Whedon confirmed that work is underway for the sequel to his popular 2008 internet musical Doctor Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog. Whedon...

    • Posted March 16, 2012
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  • New Trailer Debuts for Marvel’s Avengers Movie

    Marvel has released the latest and greatest trailer for its highly anticipated Avengers film, which has no shortage of explosions, super-powered fight scenes, giant robo-tech creatures, and humorous Whedonesque quips. The movie is now apparently going to...

    • Posted February 29, 2012
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  • New Official Promo Photos From The Avengers

    Check out the following shots just released by Marvel from Joss Whedon’s The Avengers. The highly anticipated big budget superhero epic is scheduled to be released in late April in many parts of the world, and on...

    • Posted January 30, 2012
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  • Two New Banners Released for ‘The Avengers’

    The Avengers, the upcoming big screen release from director Joss Whedon and Marvel Studios, has two shiny new promotional banners featuring all your favorite Marvel superheroes. The Avengers is slated to arrive in theaters in May 2012,...

    • Posted December 15, 2011
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  • The Cabin in the Woods Trailer

    Following closely on the heels of last week’s official poster for Joss Whedon’s upcoming The Cabin in the Woods, comes the official trailer for Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods. What starts out as a typical...

    • Posted December 5, 2011
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  • New Poster for Joss Whedon’s Horror Film ‘The Cabin in the Woods’

    Lionsgate Entertainment released a new poster this week for The Cabin in the Woods, the long delayed horror film by Avengers director Joss Whedon. The film, which is co-written by Whedon and Cloverfield writer Drew Goddard, is...

    • Posted December 4, 2011
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  • Joss Whedon Says Doctor Horrible Sequel Is In The Works

    Doctor Horrible fans, don’t despair! Writer-Director Joss Whedon gave a status update recently on the sequel to the popular 2008 internet musical. In an interview with Yahoo, Whedon revealed that several songs and scenes have been written,...

    • Posted November 21, 2011
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  • Joss Whedon Shakespeare Movie Project Apparently Not a Hoax

    Joss Whedon, creator and director of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, and Firefly, has just completed filming a version of Shakespeare’s Much Ado About Nothing, according to Tweets from some of the project’s actors and crew. Nathan...

    • Posted October 24, 2011
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  • The Avengers Official Trailer

    This morning, we caught a glimpse of The Avengers through a disappointing ‘Trailer Preview.’ We told you we would bring you word of the official trailer once it had hit the internet, and here it is. The...

    • Posted October 11, 2011
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  • Infographic: 18 Things You Didn’t Know About Firefly

    Source: CarSort Firefly has quickly become a cult classic, after it was cancelled by Fox in 2002, after airing only 11 episodes (out of order). Firefly was created by Joss Whedon who is best known for creating...

    • Posted September 5, 2011
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  • Joss Whedon’s ‘Cabin In the Woods’ Gets Friday 13th Release

    Joss Whedon’s The Cabin in the Woods will finally see the light of day. Written by Joss Whedon (The Avengers, Firefly, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and Drew Goddard (Cloverfield) and starring Chris Helmsworth (Thor) the movie had...

    • Posted July 25, 2011
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