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  • Syfy Announces KILLJOYS, WYNONNA EARP and 12 MONKEYS Returns

    Wondering when your favorite summer syfy shows are set to return? Then look no further, as we’ve got dates and details for Killjoys, Wynonna Earp and 12 Monkeys.    12 MONKEYS – Season 4 Premieres Friday, June...

    • Posted May 10, 2018
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  • Wait! What? KILLJOYS Gets a 2 Season Renewal Order, While DARK MATTER is Cancelled

    We thought we were onto a good thing, Friday nights on Syfy. Dark Matter and Killjoys, two complementary scifi shows airing back to back, had become a sort of welcome to the weekend staple over the last...

    • Posted September 4, 2017
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  • Syfy Announces Summer 2017 Schedule

    Summer is just around the corner, and with it comes news of Syfy’s summer slate including new seasons of Dark Matter, Killjoys, 12 Monkeys, and Wynonna Earp, along with Grindhouse newcomer Blood Drive and our favorite moment...

    • Posted April 10, 2017
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  • KILLJOYS and DARK MATTER Renewed For Season 3

    Both Killjoys and Dark Matter, Syfy’s Friday night back-to-back staples, have been renewed for third seasons. Both shows are currently wrapping their second seasons with Killjoys airing its second season finale tomorrow, Friday, September 2 at 9/8c, and Dark Matter...

    • Posted September 1, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS Stars: The Finale Will See the Jaqobis Brothers “Falling Off the Deep End”

    Hold onto your hats, Killjoys fans. Friday’s season 2 finale is about to take a dive “off the deep” end. That’s according to Killjoys star Aaron Ashmore, who plays Johnny Jaqobis on Syfy’s provocative hit show. Ashmore was...

    • Posted September 1, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS 2×10 Photos: “How to Kill Friends and Influence People”

    Episode 2×10: “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” Air Date: Friday September 2 on Syfy (9-10 p.m. ET). Logline: The Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plan’s...

    • Posted August 24, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS Photos: 2×09 “Johnny Be Good”

    Killjoys Episode 2×09 “Johnny Be Good” Dutch and Johnny are at odds when Pawter’s plans to free Old Town from Jelco’s control results in Dutch being seized by an angry mob. Air Date: August 26 (9-10 p.m....

    • Posted August 16, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS 2×08 Photos “Full Metal Monk”

    Clues from Khlyen’s Red 17 transmission lead Dutch, D’avin and Alvis to an old research facility on Arkyn while Johnny and Pawter try to rally outside support in the impending war for Westerly in “Full Metal Monk”...

    • Posted August 8, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS 2×07 Photos “Heart Shaped Box”

    Monk-Pants, aka Morgan Kelly’s Alvis, is back in Killjoys’ August 12 episode, and it looks like his romantic relationship with Dutch (Hannah John-Kamen) is very much still a thing. Sorry D’avin! Meanwhile D’avin (Luke Macfarlane) and Royale bartender...

    • Posted August 1, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS Photos 2×05 “Meet the Parents” & 2×06 “I Love Lucy”

    New photos for  upcoming Killjoys episodes “Meet the Parents” and “I Love Lucy” have been released by Syfy. We’ve got both for you in our gallery below. Episode 2×05 “Meet the Parents” will see Johnny escorting Pawter home...

    • Posted July 27, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS Photos 2×03 “Shaft” and 2×04 “Schooled”

    Now that D’avin has finally been rescued from Arkyn, he, Johnny and Dutch can finally be a team again. That’s if D’av doesn’t experience any more weird side effects from Khlyen’s Red 17 experiments, and the fact that D’av...

    • Posted July 12, 2016
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  • KILLJOYS Season 2 Episode Guide

    Episode 2×10 “How to Kill Friends and Influence People” The Killjoys and an old enemy join forces in a desperate bid to thwart Level Six’s plan’s for The Quad. Air Date: september 2   Episode 2×09 “Johnny Be...

    • Posted July 11, 2016
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  • Syfy Renews DARK MATTER & KILLJOYS For Season 2

    It’s a good day to be a scifi fan. Syfy announced season 2 renewals for both Dark Matter and Killjoys just moments ago. Dark Matter will returns for a 13 episode second season in 2016. The series,...

    • Posted September 1, 2015
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  • KILLJOYS Sneak Peek: Win Here Or Lose For Good

    Dutch, Johnny and D’avin are toasting ‘one last play’ in this new sneak peek clip from Killjoys season one finale episode. (What already?) Determined to get to the bottom of Khlyen’s manipulations, the meaning of Red 17,...

    • Posted August 20, 2015
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  • IMAGES: Killjoys 1×10 “Escape Velocity”

    Friday’s Killjoys episode saw the team broken and D’avin in the wind as he and Dutch failed to find a way to work together, despite John’s elaborate plans. However, following next week’s “Enemy Khlyen,”August 21st’s “Escape Velocity”...

    • Posted August 8, 2015
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  • KILLJOYS: John’s Caught in the Crossfire in “Come the Rain”

      John is in a tight spot in this new clip from Friday’s Killjoys episode. “Come the Rain” will find him taking shelter in The Royale when a deadly and toxic Black Rain storm sweeps in over...

    • Posted August 4, 2015
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  • IMAGES: Killjoys 1×08 “Come the Rain”

    Killjoys fans, we’ve got a new collection of images to share from the show’s upcoming August 7 installment. Titled “Come the Rain” the episode will see a toxic Black Rain storm over Westerley forcing John and Pawter...

    • Posted August 3, 2015
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  • IMAGES: Killjoys 1×09 “Enemy Khlyen”

    It looks like Dutch and John will finally get the upper hand where Khlyen is concerned in Killjoys upcoming August 14 episode. The latest from Syfy for “Enemy Khlyen” teases that the team will finally turn the...

    • Posted August 3, 2015
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  • KILLJOYS: Davin Finds a Vital Link to His Missing Memories

    D’avin locates a vital link to his missing memories in this new sneak peek clip from Friday’s Killjoys. The episode, titled “Kiss, Kiss, Bye Bye,” and guest starring Stargate alumna Amanda Tapping, will see the team breaking...

    • Posted July 28, 2015
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  • IMAGES: Killjoys 1×07 “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye”

    Are D’avin’s missing memories driving you as crazy as they are him? Then you won’t want to miss Syfy’s Killjoys on July 31. The episode, titled “Kiss Kiss, Bye Bye” will see the gang heading to an...

    • Posted July 20, 2015
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