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  • MANIFEST Clips “Dead Reckoning”

    Three new sneak peek clips from Monday’s episode of Manifest reveal just how United Dynamic Systems/the Singularity Project went about selecting passengers from Montego Air Flight 828 for experimentation.  “Dead Reckoning” will see Ben (Josh Dallas) and...

    • Posted November 22, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 4×09 “Dead Reckoning” Photos

    Manifest Episode 1×09 “Dead Reckoning”   A MISSION GOES SIDEWAYS   When Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not...

    • Posted November 20, 2018
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  • MANIFEST “S.N.A.F.U.” Sneak Peek Clips

    Manifest is new tonight with “S.N.A.F.U.,” an episode whose title likely hints at what’s about to go down at 10 pm. We’ve got two exclusive new sneak peek clips from tonight’s action to share below, courtesy of...

    • Posted November 12, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×08 “Point of No Return” Photos

    Manifest Episode 1×08 “Point of No Return”   BEN FORMS AN UNLIKELY PARTNERSHIP   Ben (Josh Dallas) forms an unlikely partnership with Vance (Daryl Edwards) in a high-stakes race to locate the missing passengers of Flight 828....

    • Posted November 9, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×07 “S.N.A.F.U.” Photos

    Episode 1×07 “S.N.A.F.U.” With the detained passengers secretly moved and subjected to painful experimentation – and Cal’s (Jack Messina) health directly linked to them – Ben (Josh Dallas) takes advantage of an old friend to find out...

    • Posted November 7, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×06 “Off Radar” Photos

    Episode 1×06 “Off Radar”   When Cal (Jack Messina) wakes with a life-threatening fever, Grace (Athena Karkanis) worries it’s a side-effect of his experimental cancer treatment, but Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) and Ben (Josh Dallas) suspect Cal’s condition...

    • Posted October 25, 2018
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  • MANIFEST “Connecting Flights” Sneak Peeks

    This week’s episode of Manifest sees Ben (Josh Dallas) attempting to disentangle himself completely from the plane, its passengers and the callings. Oct. 22nd’s “Connecting Flights” will see Ben take Cal (Jack Messina) on a special father/son...

    • Posted October 22, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×05 “Connecting Flights” Photos

    Episode 1×05 “Connecting Flights”   Stories unfold for those left behind in the aftermath of Flight 828’s disappearance. Meanwhile in the present, Cal (Jack Messina) takes Ben (Josh Dallas) on a mysterious adventure that awakens Ben to...

    • Posted October 16, 2018
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  • MANIFEST “Unclaimed Baggage” Sneak Peeks

    Everyone’s feeling the squeeze in this week’s episode of Manifest. For Ben it’s the realization that living without him has been harder on Grace’s finances than he imagined. Suddenly in danger of losing their home, Ben struggles...

    • Posted October 15, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×04 “Unclaimed Baggage” Photos

    Episode 1×04 “Unclaimed Luggage” When a mysterious message leads Saanvi (Parveen Kaur) to the flight attendant of 828, she enlists Ben’s (Josh Dallas) help in uncovering a secret about the plane. Meanwhile, Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) begins to...

    • Posted October 9, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×03 “Turbulence” Photos

    Episode 1×03 “Turbulence” — Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) investigate a shocking murder in fear that it’s connected to Flight 828. Meanwhile, Ben struggles to accept the life Grace (Athena Karkanis) led in his absence,...

    • Posted October 2, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×02 “Reentry” Photos

    Episode 1×02 “Reentry” — The passengers from Flight 828 find themselves under government scrutiny as they struggle to resume their lives. Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) is forced to confront the fact that Jared (J.R. Ramirez) is married to...

    • Posted September 25, 2018
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  • Pilot Review: MANIFEST is a High Concept Idea That Misses Some Basics

    Hats off to the networks who send multiple episodes of their new shows to TV critics who, at this time of the year, are faced with the fumbling task of assessing an entire series’ merits based on...

    • Posted September 24, 2018
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  • MANIFEST 1×01 “Pilot” Photos

    Manifest is NBC’s mysterious new fall drama starring Once Upon a Time’s Josh Dallas and Valor’s Melissa Roxburgh as brother and sister duo Ben and Michaela Stone, who struggle to understand how a turbulent but routine flight...

    • Posted September 3, 2018
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  • MANIFEST Season 1

    Episode 1×09 “Dead Reckoning” When Ben (Josh Dallas) and Michaela (Melissa Roxburgh) put everything on the line to save the other missing passengers, the mission goes horribly awry and not everyone makes it out alive. The devastating...

    • Posted September 3, 2018
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  • NBC Announces 2018/19 Premiere Dates

    NBC is first out of the starting gate with dates for its 2018/19 primetime line up. New Lost-esque drama Manifest takes a post Voice slot at 10 pm on Mondays, starting Sept. 24, while critical and ratings...

    • Posted June 19, 2018
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  • NBC Unveils Fall 2018-2019 Primetime Schedule

      NBC FALL 2018-19 SCHEDULE   (New programs in UPPER CASE; all times ET) MONDAY 8-10 P.M. — The Voice 10-11 P.M. — MANIFEST TUESDAY 8-9 P.M. — The Voice 9-10 P.M. — This Is Us 10-11...

    • Posted May 13, 2018
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