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  • Mistresses Season 3 Episode Guide

    Episode 3×02 “I’ll Be Watching You” The drama and intrigue continues with “I’ll Be Watching You” as new friendships are forged, relationships are set on a complicated course and mysterious plans are set in motion. Original Air...

    • Posted June 1, 2015
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  • ABC Announces Summer 2015 Schedule

    ABC has released its summer programming schedule for 2015, including premiere dates for new scoff drama The Whispers, and the return of Mistresses. ABC’s summer premiere dates are as follows listed in chronological order (all times are ET/PT)....

    • Posted April 8, 2015
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  • I Spy: News from the Week of 2/7 – 2/13

    News happens every minute of the day. Sometimes even twice at noon. With all that is floating around out there, it’s easy to miss what’s going on with your favorite networks, tv shows and stars. That’s why...

    • Posted February 13, 2015
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  • Jennifer Esposito Replaces Alyssa Milano on ABC’s Mistresses

    Former Blue Bloods actress Jennifer Esposito is set to board ABC’s Mistresses this summer. The Taxi Brooklyn star has landed a major series regular role following Alyssa Milano’s departure at the end of season 2. (Milano quit the...

    • Posted February 10, 2015
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  • Mistresses Will Be Back, But Without Alyssa Milano

    Following on from yesterday’s news that ABC’s Mistresses will be back for a third season comes the news that its star Alyssa Milano won’t. The news came yesterday in a tweet from the actress who, directing fans...

    • Posted October 1, 2014
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  • IMAGES: Mistresses 2×13 “Til Death Do Us Part”

    Via ABC, we’ve got some first look images to share from Mistresses‘ season 2 finale. Entitled “Til Death Do Us Part” the episode will see Karen anxiously awaiting the results of her HIV test. Meanwhile, April must rely...

    • Posted August 20, 2014
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  • Mistresses 2×13 “Til Death Do Us Part” Synopsis

    Via ABC, we’ve got some first details on ABC Mistresses‘ season 2 finale “Til Death Do Us Part” to share. Catch the full log lines below. A COMBINATION OF EMOTIONS SWIRL AROUND THE FOUR GIRLFRIENDS AS THEY...

    • Posted August 18, 2014
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  • IMAGES: Mistresses 2×12 “Surprise”

    Via ABC, we’ve got some first look photos to go along with those intriguing log lines for Mistresses upcoming August 25 episode “Surprise.” Catch both below! Surprise April, in the middle of helping the FBI pinpoint Paul’s location,...

    • Posted August 12, 2014
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  • Mistresses 2×12 “Surprise” Synopsis

    Via ABC, we’ve got some new details to share on Mistresses August 25 episode “Surprise” in which the reveals keep on coming. Check out ABC’s full synopsis below: “Surprise” – April, in the middle of helping the...

    • Posted August 11, 2014
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  • IMAGES & SCOOP: Mistresses 2×11 “Choices”

    April faces “the ultimate betrayal” in Mistresses August 18 episode. That’s according to the latest log lines from ABC for the episode. Entitled “Choices” the Network sets the installment up as follows: “Choices” – April faces the ultimate...

    • Posted August 4, 2014
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  • IMAGES: Mistresses 2×10 “Charades”

    “Charades” – April learns the identity of the man who has been stalking her (guest star Jason Gray-Stanford). Karen blurs doctor-patient boundaries when she offers a helping hand to Anna, Toni’s hidden agenda becomes clear and has...

    • Posted July 30, 2014
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  • Mistresses 2×10 “Charades” Synopsis

    Via ABC, we’ve got some first details on Mistresses’ tenth episode “Charades” to share. Catch the full synopsis below. APRIL’S STALKER IS REVEALED, TONI’S AGENDA BECOMES CLEAR, KAREN LENDS A HELPING HAND AND JOSS MEETS THE FAMILY, ON “MISTRESSES” “Charades”...

    • Posted July 29, 2014
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  • IMAGES: Mistresses 2×09 “Coming Clean”

    First look images for Mistresses’ ninth episode have landed, thanks to ABC. Entitled “Coming Clean” the August 4 episode sees a shocking phone call bringing April’s past back to haunt her. She’s even more rattled when it...

    • Posted July 22, 2014
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  • Mistresses 2×09 “Coming Clean” Synopsis

    Via ABC, we’ve got some new details to share on Mistresses’ upcoming August 4 episode. Full log lines for “Coming Clean” follow below. APRIL’S PAST COMES BACK TO HAUNT HER AND SAVI REACHES OUT TO HER LONG-ABSENT...

    • Posted July 21, 2014
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  • Mistresses Season 2 Episode Guide

    Episode 2.01 – Rebuild Savi takes a new lease on life after her brush with death. Meanwhile, Karen struggles to overcome some setbacks, Joss becomes a party planner, and an old pal of April’s resurfaces, getting her to...

    • Posted July 20, 2014
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  • Mistresses Season One Episode Guide

    Episode 1.01 – Pilot  Savannah (“Savi”) is a successful career woman bucking for partner at the law firm where she works while also trying to start a family with her husband, Harry. But when their fertility issues...

    • Posted July 13, 2014
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  • IMAGES & SCOOP: Mistresses “An Affair to Surrender”

    We’ve got some official scoop and images to share from ABC Mistresses‘ July 21 episode to share below. “An Affair To Surrender” – The four best girlfriends come together to help Savi say goodbye to her beloved...

    • Posted July 11, 2014
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  • IMAGES & SCOOP: Mistresses “Why Do Fools Fall in Love?”

    Looking for Mistresses scoop? Then look no further because we’ve got some new details and a collection of images to share from the show’s upcoming July 14 episode “Why Do fools Fall in Love?” ABC Family teases that...

    • Posted July 2, 2014
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  • IMAGES: Mistresses “What Do You Really Want?”

    Take a first look at Mistresses‘ “What Do You Really Want?” with these just-released promotional images from the July 7 instalment. In “What Do You Really Want?” Karen’s secret life gets the best of her when she meets...

    • Posted June 25, 2014
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  • Will Savi Go Through With Her Divorce? First Details on Mistresses “What Do You Really Want?”

    Will Mistresses’ Savi (Alyssa Milano) really see that divorce through? ABC teases that she may not be about to sign on the dotted line just yet when she experiences an “epiphany” that challenges her future with Dom (Jason George)...

    • Posted June 24, 2014
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