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The Blacklist Articles

  • THE BLACKLIST “Bastien Moreau” Sneak Peek: Red Asks The Task Force to Step Far Over the Line

      With Red’s (James Spader) execution fast approaching (wow, that was quick!), all hope seems lost in this new sneak peek clip from Friday’s next episode of The Blacklist. The episode will see Red, post failed escape...

    • Posted March 12, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST Renewed For Season 7

      The mystery surrounding Red Reddington’s (James Spader) true identity may not be solved by the end of the current season after all. NBC has just confirmed that the long running drama series will return for season...

    • Posted March 11, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×12 “Bastien Moreau: Conclusion” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×12 “Bastien Moreau: Conclusion”   Cooper (Harry Lennix) puts his reputation on the line to appeal to the White House on Red’s (James Spader) behalf, as Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force resume...

    • Posted March 9, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST “The Cryptobanker” Sneak Peeks: Red Wants a New Deal

      Red’s feeling deeply optimistic in this new sneak peek clip from Friday’s episode of The Blacklist. During a scheduled prison visit from Liz, our favorite Concierge of Crime (or is he?) asks her to make a...

    • Posted March 6, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×11 “Bastien Moreau” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×11 “Bastien Moreau”   Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force make a play to uncover the truth about an international assassination in a last-ditch effort to save Red’s (James Spader) life. Christopher Lambert,...

    • Posted March 4, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×10 “The Cryptobanker” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×10 “The Cryptobanker”   The Task Force delves into the unregulated world of cryptocurrency in order to stop an impending attack, while Red (James Spader) undertakes a risky endeavor in order to secure his...

    • Posted February 23, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST Sneak Peeks(2): Red Finally Hears the Mystery Phone Call

    Red (James Spader) finally gets to hear the voice recording of the person who identified him to the police and led to his arrest in the first of two new sneak peek clips from The Blacklist. And...

    • Posted February 20, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST “General Shiro” Sneak Peek

      It’s not the first time that Red (James Spader) and Liz (Megan Boone) have found themselves on opposite ends of a Blacklist case, each chasing a truth that Liz wants exposed, and Red wants kept under...

    • Posted February 13, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×09 “Minister D” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×09 “Minister D”   While Red (James Spader) fights in court to clear his name of treason once and for all, Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force investigate a Blacklister who has a...

    • Posted February 9, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×08 “Marko Janowics” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×08 “Marko Janowics”   When Liz (Megan Boone) and Jennifer (guest star Fiona Dourif) search for a woman who may know a secret about Red’s (James Spader) past, they find themselves in the cross-hairs...

    • Posted February 9, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×07 “General Shiro” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×07 “General Shiro”   While Red (James Spader) and Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) enlist Glenn’s (guest star Clark Middleton) help in stacking the jury to Red’s advantage for his upcoming trial, the Task Force investigates...

    • Posted February 5, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST ‘Alter Ego’ Sneak Peek: “There are No Accidents Around Me”

      The Blacklist train stops for no one, not even Red Reddington, apparently. This latest sneak peek clip from Friday’s “Alter Ego” reveals that Red (James Spader) has temporarily dipped out of his own legal proceedings just...

    • Posted January 31, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×06 “The Ethicist” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×06 “The Ethicist”   When Red (James Spader) is sent to a federal medical institution following his request to the court for a psychiatric evaluation, Liz (Megan Boone) and Jennifer (guest star Fiona Dourif)...

    • Posted January 26, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×05 “Alter Ego” Photos

    The Blacklist Episode 6×05 “Alter Ego”   While Red (James Spader) argues in court to uphold the validity of his immunity agreement, Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force question a man whose recent inheritance seems too...

    • Posted January 19, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST “The Pawnbrokers” Sneak Peeks: Red is on the Ropes in Federal Prison

      There’s no doubt that Red (James Spader) is in particularly hot water in the first of two new sneak peek clips from tonight’s episode of The Blacklist. Although the show dangled the notion of a “suppression...

    • Posted January 18, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST “The Pharmacist” Sneak Peeks

      If you thought a lot went down in last week’s episode of The Blacklist then Friday’s “The Pharmacist” is one for your radar.  With Red in captivity, and pressure mounting on the Task Force, Harold makes...

    • Posted January 10, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×03 “The Pharmacist” Photos

    The Blacklist “The Pharmacist”    While Liz (Megan Boone) and the Task Force track a notorious underground biohacker, Red (James Spader) initiates a strategy to extricate himself from a problematic position. Meanwhile, Cooper’s (Harry Lennix) integrity is...

    • Posted January 5, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×04 “The Pawnbrokers” Photos

    The Blacklist 6×04 “The Pawnbrokers”   Red (James Spader) acclimates to his new surroundings in federal prison, where he is challenged by an old rival. Samar (Mozhan Marnò) goes undercover to stop a black market organization that...

    • Posted January 5, 2019
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×01 “Dr. Hans Koehler” Photos

    The Blacklist Season 6 Premiere   Episode 6×01 “Dr. Hans Koehler”    Red (James Spader) presents the Task Force with a Blacklist case searching for a plastic surgeon who creates new identities for wanted criminals. Liz (Megan...

    • Posted December 15, 2018
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  • THE BLACKLIST 6×02 “The Corsican” Photos

    Three new photos from The Blacklist’s upcoming sixth season have been dropped by NBC today. The photos, featuring James Spader’s Raymond “Red” Reddington in a jail cell, hint at a new plot line for the season ahead....

    • Posted December 7, 2018
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