Television Shows That Need A Reboot


Everyone has a few television shows that hold a special place in their heart.

Whether it’s because they were perfect for the time they were released, or because there is something about the main characters that we personally identify with. As is always the case, every good thing eventually comes to an end and we see terrific shows get cancelled.

This leaves us wondering, what classic shows deserve a reboot in the 2020s?

The League

In the FX show The League we followed the daily lives of a Chicago based group of friends that are all committed to a fantasy football league. The show had improvisational elements, and hilarious scenarios that reflected real-world news surrounding the NFL, as well as several professional football players as guests.

The League has only been gone since 2015, but it could seamlessly fit into the 2020s. In fact, now may be a great time to bring a show centered around fantasy football back. The past year in the NFL has been one of the most unpredictable in recent memory.

Players have been injured, traded, dropped, and picked up at an alarming rate and as a result we’ve seen the NFL betting odds change rapidly. For a show based on real world elements, the last year in the NFL had enough storylines to fill an entire season of a television show.

That ‘70s Show

Few shows are as iconic and representative of an era as That ‘70s Show. Premiering in 1998, the show ran for 8 full seasons despite a lineup change later on. That ‘70s Show was a major hit in the US and is credited with launching the careers of several very successful actors like Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, and Topher Grace.

The creators of the show tried a spinoff with That ‘80s Show, but it was exceptionally short lived and didn’t have any of the magic of the original. While fans of That ‘70s Show would be intrigued by a reboot, the question is, what setting would this take place in? Would we be following the main characters 15 years later? Or would it make more sense to try to reclaim the essence of the original and have a remake with another gang of characters during the same time period?

One thing that is certain is that nostalgia always works and it’s likely that most people that enjoyed That ‘70s Show during its original run are now old enough to perhaps enjoy an updated version.


Fans of the 2001 show Smallville look back fondly on this Superman origin/coming of age story. All things considered, now may be the ideal time for a reboot.

Marvel and DC superhero films are at an all-time high, and the concept has already been proven with recent television shows revolving around Gotham City, The Flash, and other superhero IPs. Now would be the perfect time for a reboot and with Netflix and Hulu, there are more options to release it than ever before.

The Sopranos

It’s been years since the end of The Sopranos and fans are still arguing over the ambiguous conclusion. With The Many Saints of Newark film in production, now may be the ideal time for a Sopranos spinoff. Sure, a reboot or remake is out of the question, especially with James Gandolfini gone, but any additional Sopranos content, like a full prequel series, would likely be welcomed by fans.

Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

If there ever was a show that deserved a reboot, this is it. Good luck getting Will Smith on board in any capacity, that is likely out of the question. However, it’s really the heart of this show that was so brilliant, and it’s something that can be replicated in another setting and still be just as good today. This feels like a hit waiting to happen and the time is right for a Fresh Prince of Bel-Air reboot.