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THE BLACKLIST “The Hawaladar” Clip: Katarina Demands Answers

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 2 years ago

Katarina (Laila Robins) has Red’s (James Spader) oldest friend, Frank, aka Ilya Koslov (Brett Cullen), in her clutches in this new sneak peek clip from Friday’s new Blacklist episode, “The Hawaladar.”

The episode will see Red, desperate to find his longtime friend, kidnapped from his apartment in the closing moments of last week’s disturbing hour, directing the Task Force to locate a blacklister who specializes in untraceable money transfers.

They’d better hop to it, because from the looks of things in the clip below, Frank/Ilya is not doing so well.

Bound to a chair in an empty apartment, Ilya is at the hands of a Katarina who is in full on “I demand answers” mode. And we all know what that means.

The conversation is everything we’ve come to expect from the current season, and no doubt Ilya’s urging that “There are things about this you can’t possibly understand,” will fuel several fan theories for weeks to come. Belgade, betrayals, the need to protect Masha, and the Townsend Directive all get a verbal nod below.

Elsewhere this episode? Well, following Katarina’s overly-confident but badly executed spy business meeting/mud-pie-making session in the park with young Agnes, it appears Agnes has something she wants to tell Mommy.

Um? We’re not sure how Katarina is going to explain the “sleeping man” in the park toilet.

Catch the full Ilya/Katarina exchange below.

“The Hawaladar” episode of The Blacklist airs Friday, Nov. 22 8-9 p.m. ET) on NBC.

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