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THE FLASH Tackles King Shark, Unmasks Zoom?

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago

By Justin Carter

Early on in this season of The Flash, an episode ended wherein Barry got literally yanked offscreen by a giant shark. It was easily the most surprising thing to happen on the show given how there didn’t seem to be any real hint that it would be more than just a few references, but King Shark showed up for about 10 seconds and was promptly killed by Harry.

Or rather, that’s what we thought, since the big guy makes a welcome return here after all the Earth-2 madness. Turns out, he got nabbed by ARGUS so Amanda Waller could figure out how to weaponize him, but he goes on and breaks out, hellbent on killing Flash and not in on the loop that he’s closed all the breaches.

Also along for the ride are Diggle and Lyla from Arrow, because they’re the two cast members least connected to all the crazy going on in that show, and because Diggle has to talk some sense into mopey Barry. If nothing else, the episode makes great use of Diggle by bringing back the running gag of him being freaked out by Barry’s speed, and that’s always fun to see. Shark himself doesn’t get a lot to do, given that he’s a (very expensive to make) CG shark, but each moment with him is great just because he literally is a giant CG shark. He looks and sounds terrifying, and the short bits help make him all the more scary.

In between all the shark hunting and Jaws references, the team tries to find some normalcy in their lives after all the Earth-2 mess. Naturally, Barry feels like he needs to take the responsibility for Jay and Joe-2’s death, and he, Harry, and Cisco decide to keep their doppelganger meetups secret from the others. Of course, Cisco and Barry can’t lie to save their lives (and it’d be hypocritical, since those two actively sought out and met their doppelgangers), so Cisco spills to Caitlin about her Killer Frost counterpart, and Barry tells Iris and Joe about their fates. Cisco’s secrecy makes more sense, given that he’s worried about Caitlin’s cold demeanor, but it’s just a part of her grieving process since she this is the second time she’s watched her boyfriend get killed in front of her.

Our titular speedster also finds himself clashing heads with Wally over his science project ,and a little sibling rivalry ensues. I’m not entirely sure what the play is here with Wally, since he feels almost completely cut off from the main plot. While that’s kind of unavoidable given he showed up halfway through the season and part of his arc is connecting to his family, it means he could vanish for stretches and not much could change. In fact, I’m fairly certain that this is the first time he and Barry have actually interacted for longer than two seconds (this episode doesn’t even have them really resolve their differences with each other, and Joe’s used as an intermediary). Hopefully the show finds a better way of pulling him into the main plot so his inclusion doesn’t feel like a waste.

I’m honestly not entirely sure why the show is trying so hard to sell the importance of Jay. Aside from his debut episode where he dressed up in his old outfit again, he’s never really done anything of much importance. In fact, the most significant thing that he really did for a long stretch of episodes is die…at least up until the end of this episode, where it’s revealed that he’s Zoom all along! Or maybe it’s Hunter Zolomon, or another Jay from another Earth and he’s collecting them all, like a twisted version of The Island. Who knows, and the show won’t be any help, since it’s going on hiatus for the next month. Maybe it’ll be worth the wait, but for now, Zoom’s reveal is the least fun part of a pretty entertaining episode.

Additional Notes

  • “He’s fast, John, you have to get over it.” “NEVER.” It’ll never not be entertaining having Diggle freak out over Barry’s speed.
  • “Weirder than a shark wearing talking pants?”
  • If the powers that be let it, I would love for King Shark to join the cast of Legends of Tomorrow for season 2.
  • Sounds like Diggle’s Spartan helmet will be getting a redesign, hopefully to make him look less like Magneto.
  • “You do know that Quint dies, right?” Spoiler alert!
  • See you on March 22nd!

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