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The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 Recap – Episode 1

BY Kean

Published 2 weeks ago

The Last Kingdom Season 4 Episode 1 Recap - Episode 1

Aelfric and his men fight the Scots who keep on attacking them. When Aelfric sees that they are losing the battle, he retreats back to the fortress and locks the gate after he gets in. He watches from the safety of the fortress while the remaining men outside are killed.

After the battle, the Scots leave but Aelfric thinks they will come back with more men. His priest, Aidan, says they have lost more than half of their men this time. People come to the gates to get the things left by the dead warriors. One of these men is Finan, Uhtred’s friend who is there to spy on Uhtred’s uncle.

In Coccham, Uhtred’s private time with Lady Aethelflaed is stopped by some knocking on the door. Uhtred asks the lady to stay but Aethelflaed knows she has to go back before his husband knows that she is missing. Aldhlem is no longer Aethelred’s commander, but he is loyal to Lady Aethelflaed. When Finan and the others come back to Coccham, they tell Uhtred that Aelfric has fewer men to protect him. So, Uhtred decides that they should go and take Bebbanburg before the Scots return. 

Brida is now Cnut’s woman and she helps in looking after Cnut’s sons. Cnut sends the women and children to local settlements, while they prepare to leave the land. Haesten meets up with Aethelred’s new commander, Eardwulf. He tells Eardwulf that Cnut is leaving for Irland to help his cousin. In exchange for the information, Eardwulf hands him a pouch of silver coins.

Eardwulf rushes back to Aethelred’s estate to inform him about the news. Aethelred thinks that East Anglia is now empty and they can finally conquer it. He thinks that if they enlarge their lands, they will no longer have to bow to Wessex and to Edward. Aethelred thinks that they are being rewarded because he’s been collecting the bones of Saint Oswald to show the Mercian people that he will restore the land back to greatness.

After Aethelred leaves the room, Eardwulf tells his sister to sleep with Aethelred. He says they should make him happy, but Eadith thinks Aethelred will lose interest if she gives him what she wants. Their family had been disgraced so they both do their best to please Aethelred and gain his favor. Meanwhile, in Winchester, Lord Aethelhelm has gained more power as the king’s advisor. He even orders all of Alfred’s books to be taken away because he will be needing the room where the books are. Lord Aethelhelm tells the king that Cnut is leaving to help his cousin. But, Edward says they will ignore it until the news is confirmed. 

Haesten goes back to their camp and tells Cnut that he had already delivered the message. He is sure that Eardwulf believed him. Cnut’s plan is to attack Aegelesburg once they reach Mercia. Brida says that since Edward has been building defenses, they will just kill Aethelred. And because Wessex will come to help Mercia, they will be able to lure Edward from behind of his walls to fight. Haesten notices the change in Brida and asks Cnut what he did to tame her. Cnut says he treats Brida with respect and gives her love. 

Uhtred arrives at Winchester asking Edward for an army. He says he will control Bebbanburg and Edward will control the country. He tells Edward that they wouldn’t want the Scots to take the fortress and give them a gateway in the south. Uhtred says he can protect the fortress better than his uncle. He asks for a hundred men or more.

But, Lord Aethelhelm keeps on advising the king that with Cnut still giving them problems, it would be unwise to send men to the north. Edward says no to Uhtred’s request. He makes it clear that it’s just not the right time for him to help Uhtred. Uhtred leaves feeling betrayed. He thinks he has served the kings all his life and fought their battles only for him to be turned down when he asked for help.

Luckily, Lady Aethelflaed offers him valuable information. Lady Aethelflaed’s servant, Sable, overheard Aethelred sending a pair of monks on a trip to Bebbanburg. They are to strike a bargain to get the heart of St. Oswald. Uhtred asks Father Beocca and Abbess Hild to join him in reclaiming Bebbanburg, but both decline. Uhtred says he will repay Beocca once he gets the fortress back. Father Beocca says Uhtred doesn’t owe him anything. And everything he did for Uhtred, he did from his own heart.

“Thank you, Father,” Uhtred says. And Beocca looks surprised hearing Uhtred call him father for the first time. Lady Aelswith says she doesn’t trust Lord Aethelhelm who tries to seek influence by befriending the king’s guard. Father Beocca overhears the conversation and reminds the lady that she was the one who chose Lord Aethelhelm’s daughter to be Edward’s wife. He tells her that Edward’s first marriage with the woman he loved was legitimate. 

The priest, Aidan, tells Aelfric that men are refusing to fight for them no matter how much they offer to them. The men are not scared but they think that Bebbanburg is doomed. So, Aelfric tells Aidan to use force and fear to gather warriors whatever it takes. Aidan tells Aelfric about the monks that will arrive to ask for the Saint’s heart. He thinks they should use it to their advantage. Aelfric says he is a devoted Christian and the Saint’s heart has been in Bebbanburg for generations. 

Aethelred and his men start to march and first attack the settlement in Wiligby. He then asks his commander to seize the land to the north until he reaches the sea.

Meanwhile, Uhtred and his men stop by St. Wilfrid’s Church to abduct Uhtred’s son who is a deacon. Young Uhtred recognizes his father but says he doesn’t use his name because it belongs to a priest killer. He says the church is his family and is thankful that Alfred put him there. He also adds that he has never heard of Bebbanburg. Uhtred tries to be patient with his son but he feels like Alfred was the reason his son is like that.

Before they leave for Bebbanburg, Father Beocca catches up to join them on their journey. He says Lady Aelswith has banished him. But when Uhtred asks him for the real reason, Beocca says he heard about the abduction of a young deacon. Uhtred figures out that Beocca is there to help him be a better father. After convincing Young Uhtred to come with him, Uhtred and his men sail to the north to take back Bebbanburg. 

Our Thoughts:

A lot of people died already and Aelfric survives until Season 4. Maybe because instead of joining battles, he always chose to remain in his fortress. He wanted it so bad he didn’t want to leave it. Now there is another threat aside from Uhtred, and they are having a hard time facing their enemies. But why is Uhtred taking Young Uhtred into battle? It would have been better if they take the fortress first before he took his son. Young Uhtred doesn’t know anything about being a warrior and we are worried that he’s going to end up dead. 

King Alfred always valued Lady Aelswith’s opinion. He let her speak her mind and let her know about the important matters. Now that Edward is the new king, it seems like Lady Aelswith has lost her influence. Not just in the palace but to her son as well. It is very obvious that Lord Aethelhelm is ambitious. He is probably only waiting for his grandson to be in power so their whole family can be powerful. Lady Aelswith doesn’t trust him and for the first time, she seemed to regret picking Lord Aethelhelm’s daughter for Edward. Edward has changed as well. And he used to trust Uhtred a lot so we are surprised that he refused to help Uhtred. We know that he has to make decisions as a king, but Uhtred is only asking for a hundred men. Uhtred served him and Alfred, so we knew Uhtred thought he would get the help he wanted. 

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