The Rug is Pulled Out on BLINDSPOT’s “Bone May Rot”

By Pauline Perenack

We’re officially four episodes into NBC’s Blindspot, and already viewers have been given the answer to the initial main question of the series – Who is Jane? Answer – she is Taylor Shaw, Weller’s childhood friend who went missing at the tender age of 10. What that bombshell did not answer however, is what happened to her after she went missing. What organization was she involved with that trained her to be a superior fighter? And why was her memory erased, and her body covered in tattoos?

While the mystery of Jane’s tattoos would provide enough fodder for multiple episodes, there of course needs to be a deeper muti-episode arc, and viewers were teased with that possibility at the end of last week’s episode when Patterson delivered a seemingly innocuous FBI case file to Mayfair, that carried deeper meaning than anyone could guess. We were also introduced to the show’s big bad – Carter.

Who is this new character? And what is this mysterious Operation Daylight he’s so deeply involved with?

Let’s recap what we found out, and what new questions the writers at Blindspot have left for us.


Villainous Plans, and Interesting Test Results

“Bone May Rot” opens two years in the past, and introduces us to the case of the week as we watch two scientists, Walter and Juliet, working with vials of infectious diseases. An unfortunate accident leads Walter to start coughing and spitting up blood inside his hazmat suit, before falling to his death. This is obviously tied to Jane, but how?

We then cut to present day and are treated to our first insight into the team’s personal lives as we are introduced to Patterson’s boyfriend, David, who appears to be quite the puzzle fanatic. Patterson quickly realizes David is looking at pictures of Jane’s tattoos, rather than the crossword puzzle she assumed him to be working on, and desperately tries to get him to put the photos away. Instead, David points out the pattern in a tattoo of leaves, and shows Patterson the clue is in how the leaves intersect. It’s an adorable collaboration, and we all instantly fall for Patterson’s boyfriend.

While Patterson is enjoying time with her boyfriend, Jane spends her morning talking to Dr. Borden, but this time is pleasantly joined by Weller. She’s curious as to who Taylor Shaw was/is and wants to know about her family and if people are looking for her. She’s desperate for any kind of information which could lead to finding out what happened to her. The news is not good however – she was raised by a single mother, who died years ago. With no siblings, young Taylor worked her way into Weller’s family and spent all of her free time with them. As such, with no one looking for her, the discovery of Jane’s identity is a start, but still doesn’t answer what happened to her, so Dr. Borden encourages Weller to talk about Shaw, saying it could trigger a memory for Jane.

Finishing up with insights into our team’s personal lives, we see Zapata briefly talking to a man on the street before being interrupted by Reade. The two tease each other about their dating styles, giving a fun insight into the friendship these two obviously share, and it’s something to look forward to as the series progresses.

As everyone makes it into headquarters for the day, Patterson briefs the team about her breakthrough with the leaf tattoo, and it’s determined the tattoo holds a logo of the CDC, which just so happens to have its headquarters on the corner of Oak and Maple – the two types of leaves in the tattoo.

At the CDC, we’re introduced to Frank, a military liaison for the company, and Juliet. Juliet agrees to take the team on a tour of the facility, but tells them they must enter a decontamination room, where they will be hit with ultra-violet rays. As the team is in the room, we all see that Jane’s face is covered with tattoos triggered by the UV light. Juliet realizes the tattoos correspond to numbers of vials – all vials which contain deadly diseases, none of which have a cure.

Meanwhile, in a continuation from last week’s episode, Patterson confronts Mayfair on the redacted file, but Mayfair refuses to look into it, even though it has to have some connection to Jane. When Patterson won’t back down, Mayfair pushes back on Patterson about who helped her solve the classified tattoo puzzle, causing Patterson to leave without any more information on the case.

Back at the CDC, Juliet takes Weller and Jane into the infectious diseases lab, and as they check into the vials from Jane’s tattoo, they realize each one is missing. As they look, the lab goes into lockdown, and everyone is trapped.

Two hours later, Reade and Zapata are talking about how much of a coincidence the timing is of the lockdown actually is, while Weller is thinking the same thing. He thinks it’s deliberate, and in a great moment of character development, we see Jane ask Kurt (not Weller!) to sit down because his pacing is making her nervous. He does, and she asks him to talk about the night she went missing. We learn that on the night of her disappearance, Weller was there because he would watch her when her mother worked nights. He went to check on her, and she was gone. Nothing was disturbed in the house. She just vanished. At his words, Jane remembers the shadow of a man holding a finger up to his lips before walking out the door and down the stairs with her. Eager for more information, Jane asks if there were any suspects in her disappearance, and Weller admits his father was a suspect, even though to this day, he denies having any involvement. The informative moment is interrupted however, as the lockdown is lifted, and Juliet informs the two that it was Rebecca who initiated it. Reade and Zapata run to find her, but she’s gone, and they discover she triggered the lockdown remotely. Patterson finds out it was triggered from Brooklyn, where the team finds a whole mini-CDC lab. As they research more deeply, they find Rebecca was in 9 out of 9 cities which recently had a major disease outbreak – too many to be a coincidence. However, there were 10 vials stolen, meaning Rebecca is about to release one more. But, as the police catch up to her, she kills herself, leaving the team to solve the puzzle on their own.

After tracking Rebecca’s movement to the Manhattan Cruise Terminal, the team races to find the infectious disease. On the way, Jane wants more information about Taylor, and asks Weller if he blames himself for her disappearance, and if he’s talked to his father about her. He can’t answer the question though, because he’s too emotional about it. We’re definitely starting to see cracks in Weller when he’s around Jane.

At the Terminal, the team is looking for a needle in a haystack, but Weller’s keen eye spots a suitcase which doesn’t fit with the others around it. He tells Zapata to confirm on the surveillance footage if it’s from Rebecca, and it is. They’ve found the device, but the hazmat team is stuck in traffic, so it’s up to our team to save the day. With Patterson’s help, they MacGyver an airtight bag around the suitcase, and secure it just in time, saving New York from a deadly disease outbreak.

Back at headquarters, Patterson then receives a phone call from David who is still excited about their solving of the tattoo. Patterson tells him it was a big deal, but has to get off of the call, because Mayfair is walking by, clearly suspicious as to whom Patterson is talking to.

Meanwhile, at the Terminal, the hazmat team has arrived, and has our team minus Weller in a containment tent, checking them for signs of infection. Weller refuses to leave the suitcase, and asks Frank to bring in a hazmat suit. As Frank brings in the suit, Patterson is continuing research, and finds that Frank purchased a plane ticket earlier in the morning to leave today, with several stops along the way. She warns Weller, who confronts Frank. Frank admits he and Rebecca had been working together and only wanted to save the human race, believing disease is needed for population control. He and Weller start fighting, with Weller losing the battle until Jane runs in out of nowhere to save the day.

We then cut to sometime later with Zapata talking to Weller, wondering why someone would do all of this to Jane, which leaves Reade with Jane. Reade’s tough exterior finally cracks, and we learn what he’s really been thinking about her. It’s not her he’s uneasy about – it’s that Weller is a different person when he’s around Jane.

As the episode races to its conclusion, we finally get to learn more about Operation Daylight as Mayfair walks into her office to find Carter sitting there. Carter no longer wants to run on Mayfair’s timeline, and wants to talk to Jane. He’s very curious as to why she was given to Weller’s team, and we find out he’s part of the CIA. Mayfair doesn’t want to play though, and Carter tells her she only has herself to blame when things start to unravel.

Jane meanwhile, is trying to get a handle on who she is as Taylor Shaw, and is looking through news on Taylor’s abduction. Weller recognizes where the photo in the news report was taken, which was at a creek by their home where they went fishing together, and had a little wooden fort. Before he leaves Jane to her research, he admits he’s glad she’s back.

Remember that guy Zapata was talking to at the beginning of the episode? Yeah, he’s back, and turns out he’s a bookie, and Zapata is seriously in debt. She needs to get him $40k in three days. It’ll be interesting to see how this affects her and the team.

And finally, the cliffhanger we’ve all been waiting for. Patterson pulls Weller aside to tell him she did an isotope test on Jane’s tooth, and found elements in her enamel which could only come from Sahara, meaning Jane was born in Africa. As she explains to Weller, the DNA test contradicts the isotope test. Both tests are conclusive, but both can’t be true, meaning, we’re back to where we started, and have no idea who Jane is.

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