The Secret Circle: So That’s the Other Blackwell

This article contains major revelations about the latest episode of ‘The Secret Circle,’ “Crystal.” Read at your own risk.

In the winter finale, “Balcoin,” Isaac revealed to Jake that there was another Blackwell in the circle, meaning Cassie Blake had a sibling she did not know about. Ever since that revelation, I reviewed previous episodes and paid extra attention to new shows in the search for clues. I wanted to figure this out before the big reveal. By the time the show came back in January with “Darkness,” I had three contenders: Melissa, Adam, and Faye.

"Crystal" -- in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Ed Araquel/The CW ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

The longshot was Melissa. I put Melissa on the list because she was possessed by a demon (“Slither”). Out of six possible witches, the demon selected Melissa to control. Was the demon attracted to her innate dark magic? The demon ended up in Nick’s body, which unfortunately lead to his death. Although Melissa slipped into the background for a couple of episodes, she came back with a storyline about drug addiction. I thought being addicted to devil’s spirit might expose her true identity, but being high did not alter her power. Her brief struggle with the drug did bring her closer to Diana and Faye, but dark magical forces did not burst forth. However, the demon possession and drug addiction gave Melissa a dark edge, an edge that made her a possible Blackwell.

I am a ‘Star Wars’ fan, and for fellow fans, we know that sometimes two people who are related to each other but don’t know it might find each other fascinating and attractive. In ‘Empire Strikes Back,’ Luke and Leia kiss; we discover later that they are twins. Many found the kiss gross, but when secrets are kept from children, uncomfortable situations may develop. From the first time Adam and Cassie are on screen together, they had chemistry. The scene in the woods during the pilot showed that they were connected somehow. Ethan, Adam’s father, kept pontificating about how their fates were intertwined and written in the stars. Back when they were teens, Ethan believed he and Amelia, Cassie’s mother, were meant to be together, but Amelia ended up with John Blackwell, so Ethan thought Adam and Cassie belonged together romantically.

Flirting with your sibling is one thing, but being intimate with your sibling is another. Adam and Cassie acted on their feelings in “Lucky.” For a moment, I wondered if the writers were willing to go that far. The following episode, “Curse,” ended the affair between Adam and Cassie because Cassie’s father, John Blackwell, convinced them that their love is a curse that can bring death to the circle. Blackwell killed birds, poisoned Jake, and manipulated Jane to sell the story. Why would he go to such lengths? Is it because he knew Adam was Cassie’s brother, and, for some reason, he didn’t want Cassie to know she just had sex with her brother? I cannot imagine how to tell my daughter that she was intimate with a blood relative, so I could understand Blackwell’s elaborate ruse—if he wasn’t lying about still having magic and using the circle to achieve his own selfish needs. When Blackwell’s true nature was exposed to the audience, I realized that Adam was not Cassie’s brother. Blackwell broke his daughter’s heart as part of his plan, not to protect her.

THE SECRET CIRCLE "Pilot" Pictured (L-R): Thomas Dekker as Adam and Britt Robertson as Cassie. © 2011 The CW Network, LLC. All rights reserved.

With Adam out of contention, that left Melissa and Faye. Faye is the obvious choice. Her mother, Dawn Chamberlain, is after the crystals so she can get her powers back. Faye is very much her mother’s daughter. She resisted being bound by the circle because she did not want to lose her individuality. She told Melissa that she wished her life was like ‘The Craft,’ and she constantly complained about not having her individual powers. Her desire for solo magic put the circle in danger. Faye introduced devil’s spirit to Melissa because Faye thought the drug would sever her bond to the circle. The ritual she performed with Lee weakened the circle, taking the circle’s powers. True, her target was Cassie, but each time she tried to take Cassie’s powers for her own, the plan backfired, and the others had to clean up her mess.

Faye’s impetuous nature combined with her determination to get her powers back made her the perfect candidate to be Cassie’s sibling. Another strong piece of evidence is the bond she formed with Cassie in “Beneath.” The circle goes to Faye’s grandfather’s lake house to search for Jane, Cassie’s grandmother. Faye has visions of her younger self, and she does not understand what is going on. Cassie ends up seeing Faye’s visions, which guides her to the location of Faye’s grandfather’s body. Faye and Cassie were not close; in fact, Faye was jealous of Jake’s attraction to Cassie, so labeling them as friends was a huge stretch. Why would Faye subconsciously share her thoughts with Cassie? The connection they shared is a strong piece of evidence, as is Dawn’s crush on Blackwell back when they were teens.

Faye or Melissa had to be the other Blackwell. After the events with Eva, I placed my money on Faye. Lee gave Eva Faye’s powers, and Eva’s powers killed Lee, so I concluded that Eva got the dark magic Faye inherited from her father.

Faye Chamberlain is John Blackwell’s daughter. This has to be true.

At the end of “Crystal,” we finally learn which member of the circle is the other Blackwell. In order to get the Armstrong crystal, the circle has to go to a mine. Jake’s grandfather put a spell on the mine that prevents any witch with dark magic from entering. Cassie tries to go inside, but she chokes; the spell makes it difficult for her to breathe. At the end of the episode, Cassie discusses the events with another member of the circle. This member tried to enter, but had to leave because breathing was difficult. Cassie puts everything together, and she reveals the truth—

To Diana Meade.

"Crystal" -- Pictured (L-R): Gale Harold as Charles, Ashley Crow as Jane, and Joe Lando as John Blackwell in The Secret Circle on The CW. Photo: Ed Araquel/The CW ©2012 The CW Network. All Rights Reserved.

Diana is Cassie’s sister. Diana. My mind spins. Diana was not even a contender. Rational and sensitive, Diana is the heart of the circle; she is the one that brought everyone together. The knowledge she gained from her mother’s Book of Shadows allowed her to perform the ritual that bound the circle. Diana’s actions did not indicate she could be a Blackwell, so how could she be Cassie’s sister? Where was the evidence?

And then it hits me. The evidence is not with Diana; the signs were with Charles, Diana’s father (he raised her). All season, Charles has not hidden his utter loathing, his pure hatred of John Blackwell. At first I thought it was because Blackwell disrupted the circle and his relationship with Dawn. Charles had a crush on Dawn, but he seemed to have loved his wife, Elizabeth. We finally learn that Charles wants Blackwell dead because of what he did to Elizabeth. Charles accuses Blackwell of killing his wife. Blackwell denies this, but Charles is blinded by his rage, and he tries to kill his enemy. He fails. Blackwell keeps Charles alive because of his plans.

Charles is at the mercy of his mortal enemy. What better way than to cut the wound even deeper than to make the one bright spot in his life, his daughter, the blood relative of the man who he thinks killed his wife and is definitely responsible for the destruction of his circle?

I cannot think of any.

Well played, writers, well played indeed.