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The TIMELESS Cast On Season 2’s Biggest Surprises

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 4 years ago

The TIMELESS Cast On Season 2's Biggest Surprises

By Pauline Perenack


Ok, Clockblockers, I’m assuming all of you are still reeling from last night’s episode (I’m looking at you, #Lyatt fans) because I know I am.

But, how amazing was Abigail Spencer and her incredible singing skills? Or Malcolm Barrett dropping some Fresh Prince of Bel Air? And if you’re on Twitter, I’m sure you saw the tweet that showed a deleted #Lyatt scene from the pool, so can we discuss how to convince Shawn Ryan and Eric Kripke to release the whole thing?


A production still from a deleted scene in Episode 2.03 “Hollywood Land”

Anyway, before I was thrown the curveball that was “Hollywoodland” this weekend at WonderCon in Anaheim, CA, I had the immense pleasure of sitting down and talking with some of the stars of the show. I’ve been a fan of Timeless since the opening sequence of the pilot, which I saw during its first screening at Comic Con two years ago, so I was really looking forward to these chats, and was not disappointed. In case you haven’t seen any interviews with this cast, they are hysterical, and clearly are enjoying being a part of this show.

On hand were Malcolm Barrett, Paterson Joseph, Sakina Jaffrey, Goran Visnjic, and creator Shawn Ryan (who I didn’t get to talk to because of time, but will definitely be tracking down at Comic Con). The interviews were a whirlwind since the actors had wrapped in LA only hours before, yet still managed to drive down to Anaheim (a 1.5 hour drive if you’re lucky), and have some energy to talk with reporters. As such, there were quick questions and answers, but we talked Flynn joining the team this year, what to look forward to in this season, and of course, #Lyatt.

Goran Visnjic at Wonder Con, Anaheim 2018. Photo Credit: Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy

“Flynn’s just about taking down Rittenhouse,” Visnjic began, when asked about Flynn working with the team. “It was always for him about that, and now when [the team], in his mind, when they came to their senses and they realized Rittenhouse is bad, he really wants to go out there and work with them.” However, with Flynn being Flynn, not everything is as it seems. “Now, is [Flynn] going to be doing things their way? Or his own way?” Visnjic said. “That’s going to make for a very interesting dynamic because he literally tried to execute Rufus with Al Capone, and Rufus is not going to like having Flynn around, but he might be forced to.” Barrett agreed, admitting that having Flynn on the team “doesn’t make Rufus comfortable, and it does make for an uneasy alliance, because while he did try to kill him, and they’ve been trying to kill him back…he’s not happy about any alliance – neither would Wyatt be –so that sort of gets tested and played out throughout the season.”

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Both Jaffrey and Joseph also agreed with the uneasiness of Flynn on the team. Sitting together, the two chatted to each other as if they were their actual characters, and it was interesting to see how these two actors are in the minds of their personas. “You’re bringing a lion into our lair, as it will,” said Joseph when Jaffrey brought up bringing Flynn in because he had the information they needed. In response, Jaffrey nodded and Joseph continued, “but I guess we are compromised because there’s nothing else we can do. We need to have enough information. He’s the one who’s read the notebook, so yeah, we need him.”

“Information comes from interesting places this year, that’s for sure,” stated Jaffrey.

Speaking of this year, everyone talked about the quality of the scripts and co-stars this year, and all had a definite favorite episode. For Barrett, it was the penultimate episode. “We deal with a civil rights leader from back in the day that you very rarely have seen, or seen depicted,” he said. “And much like Josephine Baker, you learn that they have a much more storied past and connection to military history than you knew before.”

Jaffrey and Joseph agreed that 206 was one of the best. “It’s just really well written, and really well shot,” said Joseph. “And I think that because the lead character, who is Robert Johnson, the father of rock and roll, he is a major character.” Jaffrey then cut in, agreeing with, “yeah. I think our show does best when we actually follow a person and just get to sit with them and their lives in a way that doesn’t feel forced, but you’re learning so much about them in a short amount of time, which is a testament to the writers, but this character is fascinating. Wonderful actor.”

Pictured: Patterson Joseph and Sakina Jaffrey, at Wonder Con, Anaheim 2018.
Photo Credit: Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy

Joseph nodded. “His audition – I saw his audition tape – is just extraordinary, but on set as a performer, out of this world. You actually thought he came from 1936. I loved it as an episode. I think it did what Timeless should always do, and also, we find him at the crux of what made him who he is. You know, I think it’s best as well when we find those historical characters just at that point, if they don’t go that way, they’re not going to become who they become, you know?”

Jaffrey also discussed an upcoming episode where the audience gets to learn a little more about her character, but it’s the tidbit she dropped about Flynn that’s really interesting. “Garcia Flynn and I have some interesting stuff that happens. It’s nice. But you remember, there are four seats in the lifeboat this year.” Joseph nodded and clarified that, “we make some upgrades,” which Jaffrey concluded with, “so that leads to a lot more fun.”

Alternately, Visnjic still has a favorite from the first season. “Last season’s execution of Abe Lincoln still kind of rings the bell in my head. When I read that episode, I was like, you want me to do what? I’m like, my son is 10. He learns this stuff in school. He loves the show. How am I going to explain to him that his dad actually killed Abraham Lincoln?”

Visnjic’s son may have many more questions for his father though as this season progresses, based on what Visnjic described in regards to what is coming. For example, while Flynn is still mourning his family, he has to put that kind of in the back seat, because since he failed to destroy Rittenhouse last season, he needs to be patient this season to see what develops. As Visnjic says, “I’m going to work with [the team] and I’m going to see how things develop. And things kind of develop in [Flynn’s] favor because he really sees that these guys are on Rittenhouse. But, it’s kind of like hydra – you cut off one head, and there’s so many complex things, and there’s all these sleeper agents seeded in the past, and it’s a difficult thing to do. But he’s on it, with them.”

Malcolm Barrett at Wonder Con, Anaheim 2018.
Photo Credit: Pauline Perenack/ScreenSpy

Overall, according to the actors, this season is going to be much more character driven with in depth character studies, leading up to what is certainly going to make for a long off season for fans. As Visnjic describes, “we have a big twist/teaser cliffhanger at the end that shows that the story continues and that it’s not over, and brings a new dynamic into the show.”

But what about #Lyatt, you’re all asking? We all asked that too, and unfortunately, the actors kept saying they couldn’t say a lot, but we’d know so much more after “Hollywoodland” so clearly, they were talking about the introduction of Jessica. Visnjic admitted that Flynn is “kind of like, he’s there, he sees it” but he was reluctant to say much more about the Lucy/Wyatt pairing. Barrett meanwhile, let out the biggest laugh when asked about how Rufus feels about Lucy and Wyatt since he’s their biggest cheerleader, and then answered that Rufus is “probably not too happy about it, but he’s leaving it to Wyatt and Lucy.”

And through all of this is the onslaught of guest actors we have coming our way. As Visnjic says, “a lot of good surprises are coming up.”

So I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens to our Timeless team this year. I for one, am very much looking forward to continuing on this ride.

Timeless airs Sundays at 10pm on NBC.

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