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There’s a Lot to be Learned as Beckett Heads Back to the Academy in CASTLE’S “Fidelis ad Mortem”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Geannie Bastian
This week’s Castle episode deals with what Rick found out in LA, and what he should or shouldn’t tell his wife, while the case of the week involves a murdered NYPD recruit, and sends Beckett back to the Academy.

The murder provided a lot of opportunities to explore Beckett’s past and gave us some nice glimpses of her character growth over the course of the series.

In the case itself, the young man who was murdered has a relationship with a fellow recruit – the hot up and coming young woman who just might be the next Kate Beckett. Her absent father, it turns out, is an Irish mobster she wants nothing to do with. But when he found out she was at the academy, he wanted her to be his mole. The victim tried to protect her, and they think that’s how he died. Decker, the female recruit tries to catch him by wearing a wire, but no dice. He saw the kid being tailed by an academy car.

For one hot second, it seems as if Beckett has yet another criminal mentor when all evidence points to her academy teacher. But no, it was the Deputy Commissioner, who was on the take. The victim had discovered it while using his computer to try to protect Decker from her mob boss bio dad, Flanagan.

Teaching Shows Just How Much Beckett has Learned

When it appeared that the killer might be a fellow recruit who killed the victim, Beckett does a little guest teaching to get the information they may need to find the killer. And honestly, it meant learning as much about Beckett and her self awareness as it did about the murder.

She warns the recruits that their instinct will be to remain stoic in the face of loss, to lock up their emotions. But this, she warns them, would be a mistake. “Trust me, I have been at the edge of that map, and monsters lie there.”

When Decker hovers on the edge of wanting to kill Flanagan, the darkness that hangs over her life and drives her the way that her mother’s murder drove Beckett, it’s Beckett that talks the young woman down, telling her that there will be another way, another time to get him, and get him right. Shades of a conversations we saw her have with Montgomery, Gates, and even Castle as she hunted her mother’s killer.

She continues to mentor Decker as she was mentored by Montgomery and others, reminding her that she can do the most good as a good cop, but also, in a nice turn toward what she has been going through this season, she tells the girl she’s can’t do this if she goes it alone.

Good job, Kate, now take your own advice, will you? She will.

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