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THIS IS US Sneak Peeks “A Manny Splendored Thing”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 4 years ago

No, it’s not another flashback. The entire Pearson family, circa 2017, really is off to visit Kevin on set in Los Angeles for a very special one-off taping of “The Manny” in Tuesday’s upcoming episode.

And for Kevin, the event brings back some bad memories of that time he stormed off set vowing never to return.

“The manny made me, and then it ruined me,” Kev tells Sophie in the first of two of our exclusive sneak peek clips from “A Manny Splendored Thing” below.

“And now they ask me to return to do this special episode? And really, I’m just returning to the scene of the crime!” 

He may have a point there. But then he goes and ruins it by revealing that he secretly wants his return to come off flawlessly in order to prove he’s the bigger man. The funnier bigger man, who returned magnanimously, much like George Clooney for the final episode of ER.

“I need people to love me the way they loved Clooney,” he reveals earnestly.

“This is your least attractive side,” Sophie tells him.

Meanwhile in clip 2, Kate stresses over a lunch date with mom Rebecca and Miguel, especially when she realizes Toby has prepared pigs in a blanket.

“These are for Miguel. He loves these little cuties,” explains Toby, going on to cheekily come this close to breaking the fourth wall with an observation about Miguel’s popularity on the show.

“Miguel can get stuff too. Y’all been sleeping on my boy Miguel. Miguel gets no love, and I feel that pain,” he explains. “Miguel and I are simpatico. Two swarthy outsiders with exotic names … “

Ok you may have lost us on that last part, Toby.

Catch the clips in full below.

The “A Manny Splendored Thing” episode of This is Us airs Tuesday, Oct. 3 on NBC.

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