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TIMELESS Series Premiere Sneak Peeks: Buckle Up For An Adventure Through Time

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago

Can NBC repeat the success of This is Us and The Good Place with tonight’s newest series premiere Timeless?

We’re kinda hoping it can because there’s a lot to love in this new time travel action adventure, starring Matt Lanter, Abigail Spencer and Malcolm Barrett.

Reminiscent of such TV classics as The Time Tunnel and Quantum Leap, the series pitches three disparate individuals together on a hunt through the annals of American History as they seek to stop a shady villain (Goran Visnjic) from altering the course of history forever.

Big on action, adventure and really big sets, while keeping the timey-wimey paradoxy stuff relatively straight-forward, Timeless effortlessly comes off as earnest, exciting and wryly amusing at just the right moments – due largely in part to Malcolm Barrett’s nerdy scientist Rufus Carlin, who rightly gets all the observational dialogue when it comes to the treatment of people of color throughout history.

As Rufus explains his reluctance to join the mission in tonight’s pilot episode, “There is literally no place in American history that’s going to be awesome for me!”

However Luke Cage this is not, and while the effects of social injustice and racism are not shied away from, the tone and pacing steer proceedings into lighter or more action-packed territory more often than not. Much like its protagonists, the Timeless audience is zipping through history, with barely enough time to point out a landmark before being whisked to a new destination. Buckle up and pay attention or you might just miss out on Abraham Lincoln’s assassination, or the Hindenburg disaster or the Alamo.

If you’re thinking of checking out the premiere tonight, we’ve got three sneak peek clips to share below that offer a taste of what’s on offer.

Timeless premieres Monday Oct. 3 on NBC.

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