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TIMELESS Teasers: “The Miracle of Christmas”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 3 years ago

By Pauline Perenack

As all you Clockblockers know, the screener for the Timeless movie dropped Tuesday afternoon, and we immediately scampered out from under a sizable pile of Christmas gift wrapping paper to go watch it.

Sorry Gramps, your gift will just have to wait!

Because we’re a little hesitant to reveal much in the way of spoilers for such an important TV event, we changed up our regular Scoop and Spoilers style for this one, meaning you’ll find less than ever below!

Yes, we realize this is a weird thing to toot about, but we totally get that these two episodes are super important for long time fans of the show, and we’re not about to ruin anything for you guys!

What follows therefore are my collected thoughts of the movie, which quite frankly, I can’t wait to watch live on NBC at 8pm on Thursday, December 20. (We all can’t promote that date and time enough).

With that in mind, here are some non-spoiler thoughts I had while watching the Timeless movie:

  1. Interesting beginning. It moves quick, so pay attention.
  2. Yay! Immediate good news. Whew.
  3. Flynn and Lucy have an interesting discussion.
  4. Wow, Lucy is really taking charge here. Gone is the days when she didn’t know what to do.
  5. Cool! Zorro!
  6. Man, I love Flynn even more than I did before.
  7. What? A Friends reference? I’ll take it.
  8. Save Rufus, save the world.
  9. Jan? Jan?
  10. I’ll need to see what others have to say about Emma knowing what the Time Team did. My exhausted brain can’t figure that one out.
  11. Riya. Insert heart eyes emoji here.
  12. That news that Mason and Christopher find is unsettling.
  13. He said Lyatt.
  14. Ooo, here’s the line Abigail Spencer talked about in interviews – “What’s the point of saving history if we don’t save the people in it.” So powerful.
  15. Well, there’s someone we haven’t seen in a while.
  16. She said Riya.
  17. It all comes full circle. Happy to see this play out.
  18. This was definitely made for the fans. They’ll dig it.

Overall, we’re giving the movie a solid 8 out of 10. Some things were done fantastically, and others … not so fantastically. We’re so happy to see these amazing characters on screen again, and it was so satisfying to see the conclusion to that epic cliffhanger of season two.

Personal note: I have so many memories from this show, from seeing it at Comic Con the first time, to becoming a Clockblocker, to being on the ground to see the heliclockters, and many more. The community this show has built is incredible, and unlike anything I’ve ever seen before. I’m so proud to be a part of it, and can’t wait to hear all your thoughts about the movie. I’m really looking forward to season three, so make sure you all live tweet on Thursday. See you online!

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