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Tonight’s DARK MATTER Brings a Startling Revelation

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

If you’re a fan of Syfy’s Dark Matter then chances are you don’t intend to miss out on tonight’s episode, regardless of any promotional hype.

Last week’s heist-gone-wrong saw our anti-heroes at the mercy of Wexler (Ennis Esmer) and his band of cut-throats.

With their leader Two (Melissa O’Neill) sucked out the airlock, the remaining crew held at gunpoint, and the Mikkei Combine en route to take everyone into custody, it seems that only a miracle can save the Raza and her crew now.

We’ve seen this game-changing episode a little earlier than most and have some (carefully constructed) teasers to share with you.

Because it’s such an important installment in the season, we’re going to tread extra carefully around any potential spoilers because what happens tonight should really be seen first hand to be believed.

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Additionally, on Monday we’ll be chatting to Dark Matter stars Melissa O’Neill (Two), Jodelle Ferland (Five), Roger Cross (Six) and Alex Mallari Jr. (Four), in addition to executive producer Joe Mallozi.

We intend to do some live tweeting (details will be on our official Twitter on Monday) and bring you a full written interview afterwards.


Two’s Death Brings Answers

Goodbye Portia Lin. We were just getting to know you. Except we weren’t. Not really. Before she was callously dropped into space by Wexler and his buddies, Two was still the Raza’s least understood character. Who was Portia Lin? Why did she have accelerated healing, and what strange connection did she have to the ship’s Android?

Surprisingly, answers are coming, and they’re coming in tonight’s episode. You will not be disappointed.

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