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The Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries of LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

By Roxanne Sancto

One of the main reasons Lost was - and continues to be - so popular is that its story development puts forward more questions than it does answers. As it progresses, storylines become more complex and the mysteries only seem to intensify as the past and present begin to merge. There is so much information to absorb it becomes difficult at times to follow the rules of the island game without missing important cues.

After six seasons, it got to a point where there were more questions than there were episodes left to clarify the many mysteries of the island and the people it brought together.

While show creators J.J Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof managed to explain enough to wrap the show up nicely, there are still a few questions burning on our minds. Here are our top five unexplained mysteries on Lost.

Why was Libby in the Mental Institution with Hurley?

When we first meet Libby as part of the group of survivors from the tail section, she looks utterly bewildered and frightened to her core. And yet, she seems to be able to remain level-headed in demanding situations. Shortly after the crash, she joins Mr. Eko and Ana Lucia in tending to two young children and those with serious injuries. She is about to set a man’s broken leg straight when she’s asked whether she’s a doctor; she replies that she’s a clinical psychologist.

Once she joins the other half of the survivors from the front section of the plane, she proves her psychology skills when she helps Claire recall supressed memories from the period she was held captive by Ethan and the Others. It is clear she knows what she’s doing, and her genuine compassion makes it easy for people to approach her with their problems.

Hurley is one of the people who turns to her in his time of need, but their relationship quickly develops into something more than that of “doctor and patient”. He seems to remember recognizing her from somewhere, but she always manages to sidestep his question when he confronts her about it.

In season two, we learn that Libby was actually in the same mental ward as Hurley. It may be that the death of her husband David sent her over the edge and she checked herself in, spending her days in a near catatonic state. Now, while we realize that the death of a loved one is traumatic – is that really all that was at play in Libby’s story? According to her, he died of an illness; wouldn’t that imply that she was prepared for the possibility of his death? What really happened to him to have sent her into such a dire state of depression? And is it possible that “David” was Hurley’s “Dave”?

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