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The Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries of LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

By Roxanne Sancto

One of the main reasons Lost was - and continues to be - so popular is that its story development puts forward more questions than it does answers. As it progresses, storylines become more complex and the mysteries only seem to intensify as the past and present begin to merge. There is so much information to absorb it becomes difficult at times to follow the rules of the island game without missing important cues.

After six seasons, it got to a point where there were more questions than there were episodes left to clarify the many mysteries of the island and the people it brought together.

While show creators J.J Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof managed to explain enough to wrap the show up nicely, there are still a few questions burning on our minds. Here are our top five unexplained mysteries on Lost.

Why does Ben choose to stay outside of the church instead of entering?

Benjamin Linus is a character that is easy to hate, challenging to tolerate and impossible to love. Though it is understandable why he grew up to become the man he is based on his childhood experiences, there really is no excuse for some of the awful things he puts people through.

He always insists on doing everything for the greater good of the island when, in reality, he often manipulates and extorts people for his own advantage. His jealous, insecure nature tends to get the better of him, often causing him to act out in manners beyond our full understanding. His love and respect for the island may be sincere, but he will walk over dead bodies to ensure its safety.

When he reunites the Oceanic Six and joins them on their trip back to the island, his stance has changed. Deep down, he may still be convinced that everything he has done to them was necessary, but he recognizes his methods have caused people a lot of pain and, in his own way, he is trying to make amends.

In the end, he finally gets what he always wanted; although he wasn’t chosen to be the number one protector of the island, he was honoured to take on the role of the advisor next to Hurley. In his flash sideways, we see that his master manipulating skills lose out in favour of doing something good for another person without any personal gain. In some sense, this gives him a means to make up for the bad things he did on the island, most particular in relation to his daughter Alex.

When Hurley, Jack and the rest enter the church to move on together, Ben decides to remain outside. Does this suggest that he does not think himself worthy of moving on? Is he not yet ready to let go of his perceived life and closeness to Alex? Or do we have to go back to distrusting him and assume he is, once again, up to no good?

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