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The Top 5 Unexplained Mysteries of LOST

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 5 years ago

By Roxanne Sancto

One of the main reasons Lost was - and continues to be - so popular is that its story development puts forward more questions than it does answers. As it progresses, storylines become more complex and the mysteries only seem to intensify as the past and present begin to merge. There is so much information to absorb it becomes difficult at times to follow the rules of the island game without missing important cues.

After six seasons, it got to a point where there were more questions than there were episodes left to clarify the many mysteries of the island and the people it brought together.

While show creators J.J Abrams, Jeffrey Lieber and Damon Lindelof managed to explain enough to wrap the show up nicely, there are still a few questions burning on our minds. Here are our top five unexplained mysteries on Lost.

What are the Rules?

The island works in mysterious ways, that much is clear; but the occurrences are by no means coincidental. They are the result of a complex set of rules, all of which were designed for specific purposes and aim to continue an ancient cycle. The island itself, time, the Others and the flight 815 survivors, The Man in Black and Jacob and, last but not least, Ben and Widmore, all abide by a set of rules based on established island laws elaborated upon by the respective parties to fit their own particular situations.

Some of these rules are quite simple to follow. For example, when the survivors and the Others agree not to cross each other’s borders and keep out of each other’s way. But in other categories it gets a bit puzzling. Jacob and The Man in Black can’t kill each other, because they are candidates, and they are not allowed to kill other candidates either. And yet, The Man in Black killed Eko. Does this mean, candidates who still believe they were at least partially righteous in committing their sins can be killed? In this case, wouldn’t it have been possible for him to kill Kate and Sawyer and, most importantly, Ben?

Another rule written by Mother, or perhaps even the island, is that The Man in Black cannot leave the island, whereas the protector (at this point Jacob) can. But if The Man in Black can’t leave the island, how did he manage to appear to Michael as Christian aboard the freighter? What loophole did he find to make this happen?

The Man in Black built the frozen wheel as a means to leave the island, but as is true for everything on Lost, there is a catch: whoever turns the wheel and leaves the island will never be able to return. How is it then that Ben turns the wheel, spends a period of time on the mainland and then returns with the Oceanic Six? OK, so the island wasn’t done with him – but rules are rules right?

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