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Doctor Who Materializes on Facebook

By on July 14, 2011

Classic Doctor Who episodes will be available to rent through Facebook, Digital Spy confirmed recently.

Facebook credits is a relatively new system which allows users to purchase content from Facebook.  Credits can be bought within an app or through the main payments tab in a user’s account settings.

BBC Worldwide chief executive John Smith told Digital Spy  “As we have grown internationally, we’ve seen through our Facebook channel that fans who are loving the new series are asking for a guide into our rich Doctor Who back catalogue. Our approach to Facebook and other leading edge platforms is to be right there alongside them in fostering innovation. We see this service as a perfect way to give our fans what they want, as well as a great way for them to get their fix between now and the autumn when series six continues.

BBC Worldwide, the commercial arm of the BBC, plans to rent high quality digitally remastered episodes of Doctor Who from classics such as Tomb of the Cybermen to such modern day favorites as Silence in the Library and The End of the World.

According to Digital Spy the episodes will be available for Facebook users in Europe, the US, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, with rentals lasting for 48 hours.




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