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Humpty Takes a Classic Spill in ABC’s FAIRYTALE FOIBLES

By on July 26, 2015

Pictured: A. N. Eggstra as Humpty Dumpty. Image © ABC

Tensions were high last night on ABC’s Fairytale Foibles when Humpty made the decision to not only climb the Wall, but to go it alone, despite previous protestations from Mrs Humpty and just about every sane citizen in Eggsville.

What – or who – finally forced Humpty (a heretofore classic acrophobic), onto that wall in the dead of night, and is he really dead?

More to the point, what are Wiley Fox’s plans for Humpty’s house and its hidden stash of gold beneath the floorboards, now that the town’s big bad egg is officially on ice?

Let’s recap the events of last night’s episode.

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 Adventure Beckons

When we last checked in on Humpty, he had promised Mrs H. that his climbing days were officially over.  Now suffering from a classic case of acrophobia, and determined to settle down and become a good egg, Humpty had all but decided to forget about the Wall, and any potential fortune to be made on the other side.

Not even the reappearance of Wiley Fox, and his tall (fabricated) tales of rivers lined with gemstones, and streets cobbled with gold on the other side of the Wall were enough to budge Humpty, who continues to show real character growth this season. Mrs Humpty surely deserves the credit for this one. She has been working tirelessly to bring about a change for the better in Humpty’s behavior and attitude, and recent episodes have shown it seems to be working.

Interestingly, it’s only when Humpty receives news that his house is about to be foreclosed, that he makes the desperate decision to brave the Wall. We can’t help but wonder how Wiley’s plans might have been altered if Humpty had discovered the treasure chest before the fox back in the season premiere?

For once, thinking only of his wife and children, Humpty climbs the wall in the dead of night, despite having been discovered by best friend and confidante Little Bo Peep.

And here’s where things get a little weird. Strangely reluctant to stop Humpty’s foolish plan, Bo Beep instead offers Humpty a length of rope and a grappling hook, wishing him the best of luck. Uncharacteristic behavior for the Shepherdess? We thought so too. However, the cruelest blow to this friendship is just about to come.

Moments before reaching the top of the Wall, Humpty discovers his rope has been deliberately frayed. Before he can manage to secure his footing, the unthinkable happens. The line snaps, and Humpty Dumpty becomes scrambled egg at the bottom of the Wall. Is he really dead? Why did Bo Peep betray her oldest friend, and what leverage does Wiley have on the previously demure sheep herder?

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