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ONCE UPON A TIME Goes From Zero to Hero in “Labor of Love”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Meredith Loftus

Once’s “Labor of Love” brought the heroes one step closer to finding Killian in addition to building momentum in Operation Firebird.

The stakes continue to increase unknowingly to our heroes as more souls leave the Underworld, but the odds won’t deter the heroes from seeing their dearly departed finding rest for their souls.

In a rare look at Snow’s past, we saw the beginnings of Snow becoming the hero she is today. It was nice to see her life before she ran away from the Evil Queen, that her first kiss was with the famous demigod Hercules who also taught her to use a bow & arrow. (Add this to the sentence about Snow seeing Herc & Meg going to Olympus)

Now in the Underworld, Snow White saw to it that Hercules, her childhood friend, and Megara crossed over to Olympus and got back to warrior roots.

I’d watch my back, Hades, if I were you: Mama Snow is here to kick butt and take names.

Makings of a Hero

The greatest heroes aren’t born overnight. The first fights are never perfect. Snow White was no exception to this. Back in the Enchanted Forest, young Snow was fearful of not being able to defend her people once she becomes queen. She tried to run from the responsibility but ran into Hercules instead. Even though he was on his own quest to be reunited with the gods in Olympus, he saw the good in Snow and decided to train her to defend her kingdom, with a bow and arrow and a spark of young love.

When Snow went into her first battle with some bandits who were stealing from the villagers, she fumbled with her bow and arrow and failed to defeat them on her own. After Hercules stepped in to help, Snow was ready to quit altogether. She failed her people. How could she protect them later on? Hercules reminded Snow, and the audience, of the relationship between fear of failure and victory. We are not perfect; we are going to fail. We cannot let the fear of failing dictate our actions when at some point we are going to fail. There is no escaping it. Without the failure, we will not be able to figure out how to succeed. Hercules needed to begin losing a battle with the Nemean lion in order to change his tactic, gain the upper hand, and kill the beast. Snow needed to fail with the bandits and her weapon so she could face them again, confident in herself, and defeat them and gain the support of her people in the process.

Failure allows wisdom and confidence to guide our next approaches to the obstacles, which often allows us to overcome it. But it can’t happen without trying or embracing who you are.

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