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ONCE UPON A TIME: Reunions and Revelations in “Devil’s Due”

BY The Screen Spy Team

Published 6 years ago


By Meredith Loftus

In the latest installment of Once Upon A Time Emma, with the help of Neal’s parents, Rumple and Milah, saves Killian Jones, former lover of Milah.

This episode reminded the audience just how insane Henry’s lineage is as well as expanding it even more with the reveal of Belle’s pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Hades manipulates Rumple into working for him in order to keep his second-born child safe. he also makes a power play by choosing Emma, Snow, and Regina as the replacement souls of Henry Sr., Hercules, and Megara.

Give the devil his due; he knows how deceive and manipulate the masses.

Rumple in the Ring

When you pit the two master manipulators against each other, you just know you’re in for an intense showdown.

In this particular arc, we have in one corner Hades, God of the Underworld and master of snarky banter; in the other corner we have Rumple, the most powerful Dark One to date and master of deal-making, or so we thought.

In the first round between these two immortals, Hades uses his powers to discover Rumple’s prior dealings as well Belle’s pregnancy, which turns Rumple into his pawn. However, Rumple is not out of the fight just yet. Hades uses the term “supplier” to describe his dependence to Rumple. The Underworld can’t operate without souls to oversee. Rumple is in a constant battle between his lust for power and his love for Belle, wanting to do right by her. Now that his unborn child’s life hangs in the balance, it may give him the courage and craftiness he needs to outsmart Hades. Plus, Rumple has all the power of previous Dark Ones on his side. This fight is far from over.

Though Rumple’s love for Belle is very real, this episode also revealed just how far Rumple is willing to go for his loved ones, especially at the expense of others. In the flashback, Milah’s discontentment towards Rumple began to progress more after he injured himself and was considered a coward. However when Baelfire was mortally wounded by a poisonous snake, Milah pushed Rumple to do what is necessary to save their son, even if it meant stealing a cure from the local healer and killing him. Rumple failed in his endeavors which left him vulnerable to make a horrific deal to save Baelfire — namely to give up his second-born child. This action denied Milah her choice of wanting to have another child with her own husband. Once Rumple decided Milah’s fate for her, it was no surprise that she decided to take matters into her own hands and into the arms of dashing rapscallion by the name of Captain Killian Jones.

In the Underworld, Milah and Rumple are on the road to reconciliation, bonding over their son’s ability to forgive the very worst in people, before Hades comes to offer Rumple a deal to get back to Storybrooke. Rumple takes the deal in his own panic to get back to Belle and protect his unborn child. In that same desperation from the flashback, he does the unthinkable and pushes Milah into the River of Lost Souls, denying her the chance to move on to a better place and being reunited with her son. Everyone is capable of redemption; we’ve seen Rumple redeemed as a character. However with his new turn of darkness for the past two seasons and his current actions in the Underworld, is there still hope for him?

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