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THIS IS US Boasts Four New Series Regulars For Season 3

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 3 years ago

Ahead of its third season opener on Sept. 25, This is Us boasts four new series regulars.

Lyric Ross, who plays Randall and Beth’s troubled foster daughter Deja, will be back this season as a regular, along with Melanie Liburd, who we first glimpsed last season as Beth’s sister-cousin — and Kevin’s new love interest — Zoe. (Goodbye, Sophie, we guess?)

Ross, whose previous credits include roles on NBC’s Chicago Fire and USA Network’s Sirens, will join previously announced Will & Grace alum Michael Angarano, who will also recur this season as Jack’s younger brother Nicky in a storyline that promises to shed light on the brothers’ experiences in Vietnam. 

Meanwhile, Daredevil’s Rob Morgan will also recur in the form of Randall’s nemesis — a city councilman who thwarts this particular Pearson brother’s ambitious development plans. 

While seasons one and two showcased their share of misery in the form of Jack’s death, William’s death, Kevin’s addiction problem, and Randall’s nervous breakdown, season 3 is set to lighten the tone, according to co-showrunner Elizabeth Berger.

“We felt like at the end of Season 2, our family had grieved and processed Jack’s death,”  Berger told press this summer during the Television Critics Association press tour. “This is a hopeful season and a season about true new beginnings for everybody.”

The season 3 premiere will, as before, check back in our our ‘Big 3’, this time as the trio turn 38. To boot, over the course of the year, the show will pick up on all of the flash-forwards of last season’s finale, according to  co-showrunner Isaac Aptaker.

For those keeping track, those moments include a somber meeting between old man Randall and adult Tess in which he tells her “It’s time to go see her.”, Toby completely debilitated by what appears to be a crippling depression, and Kevin and Zoe’s trip to Vietnam. While all of these are glimpses of the future, it’s safe to assume the scenes featuring Randall and Tess are further along the timeline than either of the stories involving Kevin, or Toby.

“It’s going to be a time period that we are visiting throughout our third season and moving forward even past that. It won’t necessarily be week-to-week, but it will definitely be something that we’re checking in on regularly,” Berger hinted to TV Line earlier this year, regarding this particular time jump. As to the identity of the mysterious Her? Hit us up with your best guess!

This is Us returns Tuesday, Sept. 25, 9/8c, on NBC.

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