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THIS IS US Goes to the Superbowl in “The Game Plan”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 5 years ago

Everyone’s new favorite family is back on TV tonight.

So what can we expect from the Pearsons this week? Well, we’re glad you asked because, fresh from a morning screening, we’ve got some exclusive scoop (meaning you won’t read it anyplace else) on “The Game Plan” and a new sneak peek clip to help you prepare for tonight. (You still have the Kleenex on standby, right?)

  1. Ever wondered if we’ll get a glimpse at Jack or Rebecca’s childhood? If you’ve been hankering for a look at Mama and Papa Pearson as kids then this is the episode for you.
  2. #WhereIsJack is our favorite This is Us Twitter hashtag. Don’t worry. You’ll find out exactly where Jack is in tonight’s episode.
  3. The Pearsons love football, and the Pittsburgh Steelers in particular, but it wasn’t always the case. “The Game Plan” will show how a love of the game brought everyone a little closer together.
  4. Check out a flashback to Jack and Rebecca’s footloose and fancy free lifestyle, pre-kids. Three words. Shots. In. Bed. Seriously, who would be crazy enough to want to give all this up to have children?
  5. We’ll meet Miguel’s adorable wife.
  6. We’ll see Mandy Moore sing. Did you know Rebecca’s ambition is to become a famous singer?
  7. Kevin overstays his welcome at Randall and Beth’s house, but manages to pull a win from the situation.
  8. Randall and Beth will be going through their own personal crisis this week.
  9. Justin Hartley is incredibly talented at playing an actor who is out of his depth. Tonight we’ll see him attempting to get to grips with a big, intellectual, terrifying play. His scenes are a joy to watch.
  10. Find out why Kate insists on watching the Superbowl alone.

Here’s that clip we mentioned earlier.

This is Us airs Tuesday October 25 on NBC.

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