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The Walking Dead “Them” Sneak Peeks: Are Rick & Co. Done?

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

The Walking Dead

There’s no doubt about it. Rick and co. are almost done.

Following the tragic death of one of their own in last night’s episode, (We’re staying mum in case you haven’t seen it yet) the gang realize that unless they find a permanent home, it will only be a matter of time before their time is similarly up.

Next week’s episode of The Walking Dead will see our gang taking stock and pondering Michonne’s suggestion that they need to find refuge.

AMC teases that “Life on the road has left the group beaten and beleaguered. Will they be able to trudge along? Are they even the same people they once were?”

In the following two (region-free) sneak peek clips Sasha and Michonne debate taking out a herd of Walkers who are straggling after the group. Sasha wants to deal with them but Michonne reminds her that they are both exhausted. Will anger drive Sasha to make a hasty move?

Meanwhile, in clip two, the Walker situation calls for a more hands on approach from everyone.

They’ve totally got this, right?

The Walking Dead continues Sunday Feb. 15 9/8c on AMC.



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