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WAYWARD PINES Sneak Peeks (5) “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

WAYWARD PINES Sneak Peeks (5)

Why do the residents of Wayward Pines always have to answer their phones? What really happened to Ethan Burke’s partner Bill Evans? Is Kate a friend or foe, and what secret is the Secret Service so anxious to keep quiet?

The answers to some of these questions will be revealed tonight during Wayward Pines‘ second installment “Do Not Discuss Your Life Before.”

The episode will see Ethan, more determined than ever, to uncover the creepy town’s secrets, with the help of new friend Beverley.

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Meanwhile, back at home Theresa and Ben decide to go to Idaho to look for Ethan themselves when the Service proves unhelpful in determining Ethan’s whereabouts.

We’ve got 5 new sneak peek clips from tonight’s episode to share below.

Catch it Thursday, May 21 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX.

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