What’s Ahead for Liz? Scoop on The Blacklist’s “Berlin” Episode

Now that Liz  is essentially friendless – with the exception of Diego Klattenhoff’s Donald Ressler (can we start shipping them now that Tom seems to be out of the picture?) – Monday’s episode of The Blacklist will find our favorite FBI Rookie in strange waters.

“Berlin” will effectively see Liz (Megan Boone) in a position where she realises she can’t trust anyone, according to the latest from NBC.

Refusing to work with Red (James Spader) a after discovering the truth about the death of her father, Liz and her pseudo/real Dad’s relationship is at an all time low.

In an attempt to make amends and force Liz to see him, Red will bring the FBI a case they simply can’t ignore.

Meanwhile, in the wake of all that she has learned about Tom and Red, Liz will decide to come clean to the FBI about Tom’s (Ryan Eggold) secret life.

The Blacklist’s “Berlin” episode airs Monday May 5 on NBC.