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5 Things SEX AND THE CITY Taught Me About Life

By on September 20, 2015

Have you heard the news? Amazon Prime have just announced that the entire series of Sex and the City is now available for prime members, meaning you can happily binge watch all your favorite episodes at will.

Of course, when the series first hit the airwaves back in 1998 on HBO, we had no idea that Carrie Bradshaw (and pals) would enter the pop culture lexicon as permanent fixtures.

The iconic series offered a sometimes comedic look at the lives of four thirty-something women navigating life (and the dating scene) in New York City. Back then I wasn’t fully capable of understanding the impact it had on the lives of its adult viewers. I was in junior high. My biggest concern was spending my allowance on the latest Abercrombie and Fitch duds and hoping the strawberry-kiwi Fruitopia was restocked in the cafeteria for lunch the next day. But recently I have found my life has needed a little guidance, so I decided to turn where my friends have been turning for years: Carrie Bradshaw and Co.

I spent days casually watching the six seasons of the series, trying to find the answers to my most perplexing questions. I set out to find out how very woman I know has a Sex and the City quote ready to go on demand for any situation. Seriously ladies, how do you do it?

After finishing all 94 episodes of the series I can honestly say I learned a bit about relationships (both romantic and platonic) and why the series had such an impact on those around me. I’m fairly certain its not a shared love of Cosmopolitans (still have never had one of those).

These are the 5 most important things I learned from Sex and the City.

Forget Splashy Carrie and Samantha, We Are All Actually Miranda, and That’s OK

I’ve always felt a kindred connection to Carrie Bradshaw. Sure, she could be a bit of jerk at times, but she was a moderately successful writer, she had a fabulous closet and a fairly interesting life. But upon further inspection, Miranda was far more relatable and normal. Not only did her feelings about being single reflect those of many of us, but they were delivered with a realistic (and occasionally deservedly cynical) tone. She wore ratty sweats, ate cake directly from the pan, and ordered far too much Chinese takeaway. Most importantly she wasn’t afraid to call people (especially Carrie) on their nonsense. For that Miranda Hobbs, I salute you.


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