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Drew Barrymore Surprises With FLOWER Beauty

By on September 1, 2015

Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore is a woman of many talents; an actress, producer, director, and mother, who has now added a cosmetics line to her expansive resume.

Created by Drew herself, Flower is a cosmetics line which prides itself on producing high quality products at affordable prices.

The range, which is available exclusively at Walmart and, is made in the USA, is never tested on animals, and has won countless beauty awards since its release.

All of the products in the line are crafted from formulas and ingredients used in high-end products, but sold at a better convenience and prices which make them perfect for back to school.

The packaging of the line matches the quality of higher end products, and many of them contain quotes from Drew herself about beauty and being the users most beautiful self.

Recently, we put a bunch of these products to the test. Here’s what we thought.




Shadow Play Eyeshadow Quad: The shadows in this quad have really great pigmentation (something upon which Flower prides itself), and the colors included are on trend for fall. The brown and gold are very earthy and paired with the blue, match the 1970s vibe everyone will be going for. The white acts as a great inner corner eye brightener.
Kiss Stick High Shine Lipstick: The Cactus Flower shade was relatively bright and shiny. It had a creamy, easy application, and has a really subtle, fresh fragrance which is a pleasant surprise.
Transforming Touch Powder-to-Creme blush: The Tickled Pink color of this blush looks extremely bright both in the container and in the photo, but when applied it’s actually a very pretty, rosy pink. As its name suggests, it begins as a powder but goes on smoothly like a cream. Application is a bit messy as many powders naturally are but the excess did not stain. Overall it was a really great blush.
Nail Lacquer top coat: The application of this top coat is smooth and the gold flakes are extremely eye-catching. The flakes are much bigger which makes for a great addition over the darker fall nail varnish colors coming out. It’s not at all overbearing and removes much simpler than other top coats of its kind.



That’s So Kohl! eyeliner: The name of this eyeliner made me chuckle, but it’s just so Drew Barrymore that I couldn’t help but love it.

Again, it has really great purple pigmentation which adds a bit of something extra to smokey eyes. Applies well and, brilliantly, includes a built-in smudge tool which makes for a more dramatic looks.

Daily Brightening Under eye cover creme: This concealer rolls on really well applying just enough product to do its job. It brightens the eye without being oily or causing irritation underneath the eye. It covers dark circles while providing a matte finish that makes the wearer look alert, awake, and full of life (even on their worst days).




Fragrance rollerball: The scent of this rollerball is fresh and not overwhelming to the wearer or those around them. The rollerball is convenient for tossing in to a school bag or purse for busy on the go days.
Lengthening mascara: This mascara is one of the first kinds that actually lengthened lashes to a noticeable level (even with glasses). The applicator has three different size brushes which creates even coverage in the most hard to reach areas of the eye. Achieves its intended purpose of making eyes look bright and wide.
Intensif-Eye mascara: Contains the same three brush applicator as the lengthening mascara, but creates intense thick lashes. It is clump and flake free as intended, but even then it was particularly helpful when wanting to achieve the spider lashes look. Pairing both mascaras together to create length and volume simultaneously works very well (which I tried on multiple occasions) and even then the lashes never felt heavy or weighed down.


The bottom line: Not only are Flower’s products formulated up to par with that of their high-end competition, they are well designed and their philosophy is something worth getting behind.

Their products are suitable, price affordable, and reachable to the average college girl just as Drew intended.

The packaging showcases not only Drew’s charismatic personality, but her intent to spread positive messages about inner and outer beauty as well as female empowerment, and that is something we can get behind!

Catch Drew in action in two exclusive new videos as she showcases the Flower line to a University of Arkansas sorority, having shown up at their house on campus. She brought products from the Flower line, and chatted with the girls about why she developed the line and how to look your best on a budget.


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