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London Fashion Week Trends: Autumn/Winter 2015

By on March 9, 2015

Btitish Supermodels Brit supermodels Cara Delevinge, Jourdan Dunn and Lily Donaldson take the runway by storm | Getty

A few times a year Fashion Week chaos takes over cities around the world and spreads to blogs, Instagram accounts, and nearly everywhere else. It’s really more of a Fashion Month because when one week ends another is already beginning.

There is constantly something pretty or interesting to look at. Who’s in the front row? What are the next trends going to be? How on Earth would any normal person wear that?! I’ve spent the last few weeks being fully absorbed in runway shows online, but my personal favorite Fashion Week is London’s. London has always been a revolutionary style city. It’s always at the forefront of what is about to become a worldwide trend. Remember the Swinging Sixties, anyone? (Not literally of course!)

Autumn/Winter is shaping up to be a very 1970s Earth toned season. With so many ideas ready to take flight as trends, I chose some of the more interesting (or common) ones and how they can be worn now to say “ahead of the trend.”


As Mad Men transitions from late 1960s to the 1970s, it seems fashion is as well. For years we’ve been throwing back to tea length dresses with bright, girly patterns, and into Mod-era fashion. Now it’s time for a more futuristic & 70s vibe especially in dresses. The main switch up being the addition of sleeves. 60s mod (especially that in London), to my knowledge, didn’t really do sleeves as commonplace and certainly not in this way. The basic rule for dresses: if Marcia Brady would wear it, it’s probably a good idea.

Wear it Now: Sonia Rykiel / Jonathan Saunders / Budget friendly options available at Modcloth


Another trend of the 1970s was the flared pant and, surprise, it’s back as well. Yes, all those funny photos of our parents looking like disco dancers are no longer funny. Everything from jeans to overalls even the ever stylish culotte will be anywhere and everywhere. Probably not a good idea for the clumsy or those incapable of walking in clogs (also making a comeback).

Wear it now: H&M / Alice + Olivia


Fur was everywhere between New York and London and naturally I was skeptical. I, personally, don’t condone wearing real fur so this one comes with a bit of a warning label. Please do not wear real fur….ever. That said, faux fur, why not? Many of the fur coats shown over the weeks have been both really stylish and functional. Take, for instance, the fur Burberry cape shown above. It’s a beautiful fall color, minimal, and looks absolutely effortless strutting down the runway.

Wear it now (not recommended in spring or summer): Mango / Shrimps / Forever 21


Ah, fringe. In my opinion, the most polarizing of all the trends. It looks extremely cool on the Burberry cape seen above, but can go cowboy-esque very quickly. I would dare to ease into fringe with a cape, the ends of a scarf, and eventually a really cool jacket. Not daring enough? Try an accessory piece like a handbag or boots.

Wear it now: Steve Madden handbag / H&M jacket / Zara tee


Lastly, the bold prints were out in full force. Topshop had some very 70s Earthy florals while Markus Lupfer had some more zany, stand out florals. The reason I mention the prints at all simply is the Burberry dress with the floral almost bandana like print seen above. I could not get over this dress. It literally stuck with me all afternoon and while working on this piece! Burberry smashed it at LFW and had most of my favorite looks of the entire week. I. want. this. dress.

Wear it now (more spring like floral print): H&M / ASOS

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