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Madonna Dishes On That Brit Awards Tumble

By on March 10, 2015

Madonna’s finally opened up about that spectacular spill at the 2015 Brit Awards.

“If I wasn’t in good shape, I wouldn’t have survived that fall,” the performer admitted to the New York Times this week. “But I’m strong. I know how to fall — I ride horses. And I have core strength, and I know that saved me. That and my guardian angels. I believe that there’s the physical world and the metaphysical world, and I do believe that they are intertwined — as above, so below. So I think both were at work in the protection of me,”

The singer, who releases her new album Rebel Heart today, encountered a wardrobe malfunction while performing at the awards ceremony on February 25. The incident happened when a dancer unsuccessfully attempted to pull off her cape, causing Madge to be yanked backwards instead when the cape refused to part company with its owner, and take a serious tumble down a flight of stairs.

Undaunted, Madonna got to her feet and completed her performance without further incident.

“I didn’t feel anything when it happened,” she said. “I just remember falling backward, and I hit the back of my head. But I had so much adrenaline pumping, and I was so taken by surprise that I just was, O.K., I have to keep going. So I just got back onstage, and I just kept going.”

Rebel Heart has currently taken an early lead in the race for this week’s Number 1 album.

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