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Original Star Wars Blooper Reel is Both Funny and Endearing

By on October 28, 2013

Harrison Ford as Han Solo

Check out this blooper reel from the original 1977 Star Wars movie, which made its way online earlier today.

Looking in places like a parody short, these bloopers offer insight into the making of a classic.

The reel, comprising two and a half minutes of never before seen footage was first shown at San Diego Comic Con this summer having been discovered by J.W. Rinzler, Lucasfilm editor, while compiling a new “Making Of” collection.

The clip made it’s way to Reddit, before being uploaded to You Tube earlier today. Will Lucasfilm allow it to stay online? We’re not sure, but suggest you watch while you still can.

From bumbling stormtroopers to forgotten lines, and even Harrison Ford eating the mic on his headset, the clip (with missing sound in places – don’t adjust your volume) is both funny and endearing.

How do you pronounce Supernova, anyway?

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