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Why Fox’s Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Could Be the Best Thing Ever

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 6 years ago

Bones and Sleepy Hollow will share more than a Thursday night time slot this Fall, apparently.

Per a recent report from TV Line, the creative forces behind both shows are planning a “crossover event” which will take place later this season.

It is envisaged that characters from both shows will appear in special back to back episodes, sharing a common story thread.

According to the report, plans are in place for a storyline which “organically merges the vastly different” Bones and Sleepy Hollow universes.

We have to admit, despite reading some initial misgivings from critics earlier today, we’re quite intrigued to see where and how how both worlds will dovetail for this special event.

Bones fans are quite familiar with the show’s occasional forays into the supernatural over the years, so it follows that a story with an otherworldly feel won’t exactly come out of left field.

We can already imagine the banter between Brennan and Booth as they debate their take on all things supernatural. Meanwhile, on the Sleepy Hollow front, at the heart of the show is Detective Abbie Mills (sorry Ichabod), who despite the occult elements of her job, always manages to bring the truth to light.

And while we’re on the subject, let’s not forget David Boreanaz’ vast genre TV background with Buffy and Angel. Not to mention the fact that Abbie Mills was about to start training to become an FBI agent when we met her in the pilot episode. We could go on forever …

… And who wouldn’t give a right arm just to hear a snippet of dialogue between Brennan and Ichabod? Slightly starchy, experts in their field, just a teensy bit supercilious, and generally confused by the goings on of those around them? It’s a crossover match made in heaven!

Things we can definitely expect to see will more than likely include a body (perhaps some ancient bones with a link to Ichabod?), a giant mystery and some kick ass investigators of the unusual.

Count us in!

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Both shows premiere, back to back, Thursday October 1 on FOX.

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