Zachary Quinto Teases More Backstory for NOS4A2’s Manx

Zachary Quinto as Manx. Photo by Cara Howe/AMC

By Pauline Perenack

The AMC series NOS4A2 is one of those shows that came out of nowhere for some people (like me) but was well-loved and highly anticipated by fans of the book written by Joe Hill. The second season of the show picks up eight years after the events of season one, and focuses on Vic McQueen’s quest to destroy Charlie Manx.

Complicating matters is Manx’s need for revenge against Vic, which has him setting his sights on Vic’s son.

This year’s panel brings together showrunner and executive producer Jami O’Brien, novelist and executive producer Hill, and series star Zachary Quinto to discuss the high stakes of season two. As such, during the panel, we learned:

  1. Hill says that while the show has been very faithful to the spirit of the book and the characters, it has become more itself with each episode. It’s very comfortable in its own skin, which can really be seen in episode five. He loves the second season, and thinks it’s more exciting than the first. Additionally, it will be taking some unexpected turns, so fans of the book shouldn’t get too comfortable.
  2. Quinto points out that season two gives more context for Manx. It really fleshes out the journey he has been on that has led him to where he is now. We’ll also see parts of his childhood that shows the abuses and abandonments he’s struggled with, which have made him the person he is today.
  3. In season one, we were introduced to Parnassus, and in season two, we’re introduced to The Hour Glass, who really becomes one of the main villains.
  4. Another new character this season is Lou, who O’Brien loved from the book. He doesn’t have a superpower, but relies on his calmness and humor.
  5. All of the female characters in the series take their cues from the novel. O’Brien fell in love with Vic in the novel, and both she and series star Ashleigh Cummings agree that it’s not a physical strength that Vic possesses – it’s her incredible courage.
  6. According to Hill, the second season deals a lot with growing up, and if you can accept growing up. He said that season two is what would happen to Buffy if she didn’t have to stay in high school for eight seasons.
  7. Quinto spoke very highly of costar Olafur Darri Olafsson, saying he was so grateful the show introduced him to Darri. He mentioned that the character of Bing really develops in season two, and it’ll be fun to see the results of that development.
  8. Everyone agreed that episode five was the most interesting, and were so happy with how it turned out. It was really a team effort.
  9. For the back half of the season, it was teased that we’ll see some unexpected action from Bing, Maggie might have to fight, and as bad as things seem, they can always get worse.
  10. Finally, Quinto teased that the last half of the season will really ramp up to the heart of the conflict between Manx and Vic, and thinks fans will be excited to see this come to life. Ultimately, he’s excited to share it.

NOS4A2 continues Sundays, at 10/9c on AMC.

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