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Connections Are Finally Being Made on SHIELD: “The Bridge” Review

By on December 11, 2013

ABC Television Network. (ABC/Justin Lubin)

By Felicia Kudronowicz

This week on Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. connections were finally made!  Just about everything that had been hinted at throughout the first half of the season got some screen time at some point in episode 10, The Bridge.

The episode began with a throw back to the mysterious Centipede organization from the pilot. It appears the organization has now moved on to recruiting former soldiers and implanting them with Centipede powers – and they aren’t just keeping it as a fashionable accessory on their arms anymore. These guys have rows and rows along their neck, back, and arms and … well, we shudder to think.

Coulson decides to bring an insider with them to find out more. He gets back in contact with Michael Peterson (J. August Richards), also from the pilot. At last answers are on their way!

The team discovers that Michael has been training with SHIELD ever since the incident at Grand Central Station. He also claims that Fitz and Simmons’ bullet stabilized his powers so that he is no longer at risk of exploding (handy) and was still able to keep his powers.

They attempt to infiltrate Centipede’s headquarters yet again but are quickly shut down by Centipede soldiers. One of the soldiers is left behind injured, but when they try to question him, some internal force kills him. That’s right, he has a prosthetic eye just like the agent in Eye Spy (episode 4). They also discover that the girl in the flower dress (episode 8) is a recruiter for centipede.  It appears Centipede group has been in the background this whole time.


(ABC/Justin Lubin)

Michael decides to call his son to check in, but the girl in the flower dress (Raina) is with him. She demands that Michael turn himself in exchange for his son. He agrees, but of course SHIELD gets tricked again. Centipede is always a step ahead of them and (twist) actually wants Coulson. They let Michael and his son leave and kidnap Coulson instead. Michael attempts to save Coulson a sudden explosion on the bridge complicates matters, and leaves us unsure about the fate of Michael.

This episode was pretty intense. While I’m glad we’re  finally getting answers, all of this information packed into one episode is almost overload. Besides the revelations about Centipede there were also hints that Coulson and May know who Skye’s parents are. (Her mom could even be May as far as I can tell.) Things are coming together nicely, but I hope the second half of the season moves a little faster – and that this second appearance by J. August Richards is not his last.

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