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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 14 Recap – Bright Future

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 14 Recap - Bright Future


After Overhaul is defeated, his second-in-command, Kurono, tries to stab Eraserhead to protect their final product. But Suneater arrives alongside the police to stop him. Tsuyu approaches them to report what happened above.

Midoriya tries to catch his breath after the fight. He‘s about to ask Eri if she‘s okay when her quirk starts acting up uncontrollably.

Unconscious, Chisaki remembers the boss telling him to uphold the Yakuza‘s dignity. He touches Eri, which returns his and Katsukame‘s body to normal. Uravity snatches Overhaul from the air and subdues him. Ryukyu then arrives bringing Suneater and Lemillion to the surface. There they find Eri still struggling above Midoriya.

The little girl panics as he fears for Midoriya‘s life. She sheds a tear after remembering Overhaul telling her about her cursed existence. Thankfully, Eraserhead regains consciousness and dispels her quirk.

Midoriya hugs her in relief as they collapse to the ground. Ryukyu orders the search for the League of Villains. The police and rescue personnel round up everyone from the underground facility.

Midoriya hands Eri to the paramedics as she starts suffering from a high fever. Red Riot and Lemillion are heavily injured, while Sir Nighteye is in critical condition. He tells Midoriya that he changed the future. Midoriya responds that he and All Might should meet and patch things up. He has to do his best and survive.

Although there were a lot of injuries sustained during the fight, Ryukyu thanks Midoriya for a job well done.


Overhaul and the other Shie Haissaikai members are taken by the police team headed toward a hospital. Suddenly, the convoy carrying Overhaul meets a sinister force in front of them. Shigaraki and the league have gained a position from the reports of Himiko.

The Sand hero Snatch defends Dabi‘s initial flame attack, but their cars get tumbled from Compress‘ beads. Shigaraki goes for Overhaul‘s restraining bed while Compress and Dabi defeat the hero.

Shigaraki disintegrates Overhaul‘s arm while Compress takes the other. They take Overhaul‘s bullets. Shigaraki laughs as his enemy loses everything he has ever built. The villains leave Overhaul screaming.

A new group of police and heroes survey the crime scene and marvel at how only a few of the nearby residents and properties were affected. Nejire tells them that it was all thanks to Deku for fighting the enemy on air and carefully targeting his strikes.


The doctor tells Midoriya that much of his body is fine, except for his arm. Aizawa calls him in to meet with the others. He apologizes to him for not being there at the crucial moments. Kirishima, Fat Gum, and Amajiki suffered from recoverable injuries while Rock Lock was lucky that the knife missed his organs.

As for Eri, she‘s still in a coma due to fever. There‘s no sure way of taking care of her without Aizawa‘s presence. If he wasn‘t there to erase her quirk when he did, the outcome could have been much worse. Putting her in quarantine would be the best course of action given that they don‘t know her state of mind yet.

They arrive in a room with All Might, Recovery Girl, Centipede, and Bubble Girl. Sir Nighteye is in such a critical condition that Recovery Girl‘s quirk no longer works.

All Might apologizes to Nighteye. Nighteye admits that all he ever wanted was to change the future, something that Midoriya had shown to be possible. Perhaps it was his relentless energy, and other people‘s trust that brought it. Mirio barges and pleads for him to keep living, but soon he takes his last breath with a smile on his face.

Our Thoughts

Eri, Overhaul, and Nighteye‘s endings are all very tragic in this episode. These bolder choices give the anime an edge. 4/5.

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