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My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13 Recap – Infinite 100%

BY Harris

Published 1 year ago

My Hero Academia Season 4 Episode 13 Recap - Infinite 100%

Impostor‘s Assistance

At the Shie Haissaikai Lieutenant Residence, Ryukyu subdues the villain Katsukame and leaves them to the police. They‘re about to continue inside to help the others when the heroes and police suddenly feel lightheaded. Katsukame, whose quirk is the ability to absorb energy through touch, just got a boost from the pills he took earlier, and the effects are kicking in.

Ryukyu fights the villain alongside Nejire as the others are incapacitated. Suddenly, Deku arrives to call Uraraka for support, leading them to the underground spot where Nighteye and the others are fighting.

Hearing it, Uraraka lets the Katsukame float. Tsuyu carries him and Ryukyu to the spot that was indicated. As they smash through the concrete, they‘re surprised to see the real Deku fighting underground. It turns out that Himiko was the one they met earlier using a disguise.

Twice and Himiko watch from above with their copy of Mr. Compress.

The real Midoriya tells his friends to take care of the wounded Sir Nighteye as the battle against Overhaul continues.

Overhaul slings himself and Eri to the hole in the ceiling to escape. Eri finds Lemillion‘s cape flying through the wind and tries to reach out for it.

In a flashback, the boss told Chisaki to look at his granddaughter‘s dangerous quirk. After brutal inspections, he realized she had the ability to rewind others.


Eri reaches for the cape and inadvertently disables Overhaul‘s connection with Nemoto. She escapes and jumps toward Midoriya.

Finally, Midoriya catches Eri and promises to never let go. Overhaul goes into a fit of rage and attacks with a barrage of pillars, but Midoriya gets a new determination to become the type of hero he wants.

Deku blasts through Overhaul‘s attacks with one kick and flies to the sky using wind pressure. He‘s surprised that he used One For All fully and worries if his legs are still intact.

Overhaul breaks down Katsukame to use his body.

Ryukyu wants to help, but Nighteye gets a prediction that Midoriya will die. Uraraka wants to run after hearing it, but her legs give out. Nighteye tells her and Ryukyu to take him to the surface.

Midoriya lands and finds that his legs are still intact after using 100% of his power. His injuries have also been healed. It must be due to Eri‘s power, although it isn‘t perfect as he feels a slight backlash.

Overhaul explains that her rewinding power is out of control and can cause people to return to nothing.

Surpassing Predictions

Midoriya refuses and opts to speed himself up more to nullify Eri‘s aftereffects. He goes Full Cowl 100% and asks for her help once more.

Overhaul attacks using Katsukame‘s abnormally titanic flesh. He can‘t give her up as she has the ability to erase mutations from humans, including their quirks. But Midoriya‘s speed proves too much as he smashes the villain to the sky.

Uraraka takes Nighteye to the surface to watch them. Midoriya feels Eri‘s power grow stronger and thinks about their limits.

Overhaul remembers the path he took to make the Haissaikai great again, ignoring the old boss‘ ideals to create his drug empire. He even planted a sickness in the boss and promised to fix him after he was done.

Overhaul reconstructs Katsukame‘s body again in a frenzy of rage, but Midoriya dodges. He responds with a barrage of punches to Chisaki and disintegrates the villain‘s body, blasting him back to the ground.

Sir Nighteye witnesses it all and smiles after seeing his prediction go wrong.

Our Thoughts

Absolutely epic end-of-arc episode with emotional twists and clever power combinations. Rating: 4.2/5.

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