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ScreenSpy magazine delivers up-to-the-minute scoop on primetime TV to TV Junkies across the US via celebrity interviews, breaking industry news, exclusive video sneak peeks, high definition photo galleries and more.

Our press relationship with both Cable, Broadcast, and Streaming Networks means we’re uniquely positioned to deliver news and updates in real time.

Our next day reviews and recaps break down the latest episodes of your favorite TV shows, while our opinion pieces, features and editorials supplement our slate with insights and analysis of the TV landscape and the industry itself.

In addition, our ongoing liaison with Hollywood PR means our regular interviews with those in front or behind the camera are timely, relevant and above all, news-worthy.

Covering the very latest in TV, our emphasis is firmly on what’s fresh, bold and trending.

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Pauline Perenack (Columnist, Reporter)

Pauline Perenack (Columnist)

Originally from Canada, but a California resident for the past 15 years, Pauline Perenack has been obsessed with TV for as long as she can remember.

A product marketing professional by trade, Pauline spends most of her time writing and designing sales campaigns and product launches, before rushing home to catch up on everything sitting on her DVR.

When she’s not writing for the Magazine, she can be found scouring yard sales for classic video games to add to her collection, or huddled over her latest drawing.

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Justin Carter (Columnist)

Justin Carter (Columnist)

Justin is a very opinionated writer (and has been his whole life), based in Kansas City, MO. Like many writers, his love of television began with watching cartoons, an activity he has yet to see the point in growing out of. When he isn’t watching genre shows or playing video games, he’s eating too many M&M McFlurrries or reading a multitude of books or comics.

In addition to Screenspy, his work can be found on IGN, Polygon, and CBR. 



Jennifer Hobbs (Columnist)

Jennifer Hobbs (Columnist)

Jennifer Hobbs is a Baltimore area native, a full-time nonprofit professional, and a part-time writer.

She’s a die-hard fan of the Oxford comma, and the TV character with whom she most identifies is Leslie Knope.

When she’s not working or writing, she’s traveling, trying new foods, geeking out over good books, and blogging at

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Chris B. (Columnist)

Chris B. (Columnist)

Chris B. is a wayward English major whose love of literature has always included an obsession with all things television.  Thus, she sees the opportunity to write for ScreenSpy Magazine as one of her ultimate non-guilty pleasures.

When she is not squinting intently at a screen, she’s happiest when traveling, whether it’s hiking in Maine, stargazing in Yosemite, or doing both in Hawaii.

Catch her throwing her hapless opinions to the cyber winds of Twitter at @CBsGrumpyElf.



Alan Mann (Editorial Assistant)

Alan Mann (Editorial Assistant)

Alan is a Boston-based media studies major who fulfils several roles for ScreenSpy Magazine including but not limited to Picture Editor, Copy Editor, Editorial Assistant, Tea Maker, and Director of Social Marketing and Brand Communications (a fancy way of saying all the bad tweets are his).

When not offending various fandoms online, Alan dabbles in cryptocurrency, and appreciates a good beer.

Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain. No really!

Need to contact us? Drop Alan a line at


Sheldon Conaty (Graphics Design, IT Consultant)

Sheldon Conaty (Web Design)

Sheldon is an IT professional with over 20 years experience in the software industry. As ScreenSpy’s leading graphics designer and IT consultant he has worked to evolve the site over the years, upgrading its infrastructure from a simple forum to a digital media news outlet capable of delivering a fast turn around of content in the face of ever increasing demand.

When he’s not developing for the site, he can be found developing a nervous tic.


Jennifer Griffin (Senior Editor/Owner)


Jennifer Griffin (Editor)

Originally hailing from Dublin, Ireland, Jennifer Griffin is the founding editor of ScreenSpy Magazine. Jennifer, who divides her time between Los Angeles and Dublin, has an abiding love/hate relationship with Pop Culture, TV, Movies and Games.  She’s been playing computer games since her ZX Spectrum days and watching and critiquing genre TV since Space 1999 and Blake’s 7. There’s nothing she loves more than a confidently placed apostrophe, except maybe a great cup of coffee. When she’s not writing articles and interviews for the site, she can be found complaining loudly about the lack of decent TV.

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