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New Girl “All In” Review: Straight Trippin’

By on September 18, 2013

Zooey Deschanel and Jake Johnson in the Season Premiere of New Girl. Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

By Nicole Bozzani

When viewers last saw the occupants of apartment 4D they were attending Cece’s eventful wedding. Afterwards, Jess and Nick drove off, in a series of right turns, not knowing where their relationship would take them. Those right turns led to the only logical place to go … Mexico?

The episode saw Nick and Jess return home from Cece’s wedding only to discover that not only are they a couple, but they live together. In an attempt to avoid the chaos of the aftermath of Cece’s disastrous wedding Jess starts driving and keeps going until she and Nick hit Mexico. Meanwhile, Schmidt is trying to decide between Elizabeth and Cece. With Nick missing, his only option is to become best friends with Winston (who has a new obsession with jigsaw puzzles this week). Of course, Mexico works out great until the couple runs out of money and pretend to be guests at a resort. Nick ends up in jail and needs saving? Who comes to the rescue? Jess, Schmidt, and Winston of course.

For a season premiere, New Girl did a great job picking up right where things left off in “Elaine’s Big Day.” There was no annoying jump into the future to see how things have progressed. Nick and Jess are all in which raises a ton of feelings for the viewer. The eventual get-together has been highly anticipated, but now it just becomes a bit too strange. It feels different. Different isn’t necessarily bad in this scenario, but with so much frustration building to this point it hardly feels like this is the resolution the audience has been waiting for. Nick and Jess’ relationship certainly is in the honeymoon stage, but an annoyingly comical one where everything is funny  – even when it’s not. One thing is certain, there’s a new standard for relationships out there: fighting the urge to buy the person a lobster dinner. Paradise Nick is more terrifying than unfortunate, regular Nick. He’s also more optimistic and happy which is a great change for him, but it’s not the Nick the audience knows and loves. There’s hope that Paradise Nick never returns.

One big happy family? Co.  Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

One big happy family? Co. Cr: Ray Mickshaw/FOX

All In touched on a number of relationships. Schmidt and Nick have an unhealthy texting thing going on which is discovered at the beginning of the episode. And when Nick is no longer available as best friend number 1, Schmidt and Winston only have one option: to become best friends with each other. Winston (so often overlooked) has his own moment when the gang realizes he’s color-blind. Schmidt is also struggling with trying to figure out who he should choose: Cece or Elizabeth. It’s fairly obvious to anyone watching that he still hasn’t made a decision, and will, in typical Schmidt fashion, avoid the situation at all costs. In this case: dating both of them at the same time. There’s always hope that Schmidt won’t be that guy, but somehow, he always runs right back into the thick of it.

There were a couple of bothersome issues this episode. First, the only logical place for Jess and Nick to travel to is Mexico? Not only do they travel to Mexico, but they get there without passports? Passports which were never brought until the end of the episode when Nick needs his to return to the United States. Not that it’s very important to the story, but it’s a tidbit that’s hard to overlook. What’s more surprising is Nick actually has a passport! Winston, trying to save Schmidt, makes up a lie about wanting to sew Cece’s panties into his underpants, which is not only awkward but escalates far too quickly to be humorous. It also strikes a discordant note, just a hair’s breath from ‘too creepy for television.’

Overall though, the season 3 premiere of New Girl was amusing, tied up some loose ends and had its share of heartfelt moments. Jess, wanting to go home, realizes that she can’t be with Nick without Winston and Schmidt. They are all a family. Even if she did get that family with a really sweet deal on Craigslist.

This week Nick and Jess have decided to green light their relationship, Schmidt is still deciding between two women, and Winston, well, Winston is color-blind. Where will they go from here? Will Schmidt ever make a decision? Will Winston ever be good at puzzles? Only time will tell, but as for viewers, we are all in.

One Comment

  1. Abbey White

    September 19, 2013 at 5:20 am

    Very nice review, Nicole. I too noted the weird underpants gag and it didn’t sit well on my stomach. I just rolled my eyes.

    Glad the writers gave Nick and Jess that moment to realize they need Schmidt and Winston. I love the four of them together. It has always been one of my (if not the most) favorite parts about the show.

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