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TV REVIEW: Action Vs Reaction in Being Human’s “Rewind, Rewind”

By on March 4, 2014
Pictured (L-R): Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath -- Photo by: Pana Pantazidis / Syfy

Pictured (L-R): Sam Witwer, Meaghan Rath -- Photo by: Pana Pantazidis / Syfy

Woah, what a crazy week it’s been.

Let me start from the beginning:  Last Tuesday I performed a little spell (it may have been a channel changing spell because I didn’t want to reach for the remote, but I digress) that sent me back to last May.  I was so confused as to why I ended up in a random, gloomy boardroom until I realized I was sitting in Syfy’s boardroom.  They were talking about canceling some show called Being Human and I couldn’t just sit back and watch.  I jumped into the body of some random Syfy executive and protested Being Human’s cancellation.  And it worked!

Except everything changed.  The next month we were visited by aliens from another galaxy that decided Earth was their next home, chocolate became classified as a narcotic, and the internet became outlawed throughout the entire world.

Not only that, but Being Human went on for seventeen more seasons! By the end, Aidan had married a hybrid mermaid/unicorn named Coral, Josh and Nora had triplet were-babies who went rabid and turned every time they missed an episode of Sesame Street, and Sally got bangs!   Things were not right.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Long story short, I had to get back to the real 2014, where Being Human was cancelled after four seasons and the roommates were saying goodbye with only a few episodes left.  The point is, sometimes shows end.  Sometimes we don’t want them to end.  With the path the last few seasons of Being Human has taken, I sure as heck don’t want it to end.  Unfortunately, that’s the way television works and if we are lucky shows go out with a bang, in their prime.  When a show becomes a “chore” to watch, you know you have a problem.  Luckily, Being Human has been anything but a chore! It has stayed a delightful show to watch, one that keeps me glued to my television on a weekly basis.  This show will go out on top and I couldn’t be happier that the creators and actors are going out in the fashion they want to.

Another lesson I learned was that we can’t change the past.  One minor change could set an entire world in a different direction.  Monday’s Being Human episode “Rewind, Rewind” showed us that every action has a reaction.  And as the theme of this year’s season has been, everything happens for a reason.

This week’s throwback to season one had everything: cameos (Hey Marcus! Hey Rebecca!), parallels, and that classic season one grainy filter and shaky cam that made you the slightest bit nauseous.

Continuing from where last week ended, Sally found herself back in 2010, transported back to the night she died.  She couldn’t stand around and watch this time.  Sally took action, jumping into her 2010 body and stopping Danny before he could push her down the stairs and murder her.  One big change in Sally’s life changed the course of life for her and everyone she held near and dear.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Desperate to keep her future intact and the gang together, Sally did everything to bring Aidan and Josh closer to ensure that their lives stayed similar to the real, season four universe.  Unfortunately, this meant that instead of her dying, it was best friend Bridget who was killed by murderous Danny.  That didn’t stop Sally from “Sallying” this universe up.  She became desperate to keep this new world in order. One of the biggest changes in Sally’s new world was her relationship with Aidan.  Now able to touch, interact, and do things like a “normal” human, Sally and Aidan’s relationship jumped from strictly platonic roommates to lovers.  The two were able to bond and use their chemistry to begin a relationship.

Another big change was Nora.  Josh’s relationship with his fellow co-worker was thwarted during a full moon and instead of scratching Nora; it was Sally who was scratched in return, scaring Nora off into the arms of another doctor (another past season throwback).

Josh’s problem didn’t end with losing Nora, as none other than Ray popped into the picture.  With no one to keep him grounded, Josh took Ray’s bait, choosing to go off with him and lose Aidan and Sally in the process.  Instead of going after his best friend, Aidan let Josh go, something the real Aidan would never let happen.  Understanding that she reaped what she sowed, Sally knew this universe really wasn’t all it was cracked up to be.  She broke things off with Aidan, who without Sally by his side, was free to become the monstrous vampire he had been suppressing, with vampire brother Marcus and Bishop to back him up.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Throwing it back even more was the alley fight between the wolves and the vampires.  Josh and Ray vs. Aidan and Marcus, with Sally in the middle, trying to break things up.  In this alternate version, though, it was Sally who was on the deadly end of the blows as a swing to the back of the head with a metal pipe by Ray killed werewolf Sally.

No matter what universe of events Sally was tethered to, her death was inevitable.  Changing the past intersected with the present, altering the lives of not just her, but everyone around her.

Things we need to discuss:

  • Saidan: Don’t get me wrong, the Sally and Aidan make out/sex scenes were hot. But I still just can’t see them as more than friends.  Their relationship has always been a little bit flirtatious and a lot witty, but it works best when they’re interacting on a brother-sister level. I have a feeling Sally’s new, romantic feelings with Aidan will carry over into the real universe, so I better jump on board.
  • If you found out your best friend was dating your recent ex how mad would you be? Sally’s reaction to Bridget dating Danny wasn’t as dramatic as one would expect.  Even more so, Bridget’s death didn’t seem to faze Sally for longer than a scene.  She tried to convince the cops that it was Danny who killed Bridget, but failing to do so didn’t seem to result in any further consequences.
  • As Sally proclaimed to Marcus, she is the “ghost of Christmas SUCK IT!”  Unfortunately, as every story, show, movie, etc. in history has shown us, this really isn’t anything to be proud of.
  • Sally has now been the following: human, ghost, witch, zombie, and werewolf.  There’s still five more episodes to squeeze vampire or fairy into there as well.
  • Next week’s continuation will bring the welcomed return of Bishop.  More Mark Pellegrino always, please!
  • Will Sally be able to alter her timeline once again? Will the roommates remember this alternate universe?  What will this sequence of events mean for the show in its final episodes? The writers have really pulled out all the stops this year.  The creative liberties they have taken have been outstanding and their ability to bring back old faces, storylines, and situations is a real treat to the fans that have seen every episode.

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