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TV REVIEW: Being Human “Too Far, Fast Forward” Review

By on March 11, 2014

Pictured: (l-r) Meaghan Rath as Sally Malik, Sam Huntington as Josh Levison -- (Photo by: Pana Pantazidis/Syfy)

If last week’s trip down memory lane wasn’t enough to incite a million different feelings, this week’s episode of Being Human was the icing on the cake.  We were once again treated to the lesson of “everything happens for a reason” as Sally continued to alter her and her roommates’ past, present, and future.

I Just Can’t Wait to be King:  After losing Sally, alternate universe Aidan was greeted by a familiar face: vampire daddy Bishop! (Hi Bishop! I missed you!) No longer having anything or anyone to keep him “human,” Bishop’s reentrance was more than welcomed by Aidan.  The two embarked on a mission to be rid of Ray and Josh, succeeding to murder Ray, but deciding that Josh’s real punishment was life.  Having taken away his one chance at humanity and any semblance of happiness, Aidan knew that letting Josh live would torture him more than death.  Letting Josh go with the warning that if he ever saw him again he would murder him, Aidan was free to rekindle his father-son relationship with his maker.

A year didn’t prove kind to our normally nice vampire, as mega douche Aidan was back in full force.  Daddy’s little boy had grown up, standing beside Bishop at Sapp and Sons’ and making sure that the vampires of Boston were kept safe from the vampire flu that had decided to make a cameo. Aidan’s reign of terror didn’t stop in the vampire community as it looked like his and Nora’s relationship was anything but friendly.  During the course of the year it seemed that Nora had learned what Aidan was, struck a deal with him and the vampires, and became an accomplice – all to feed her new Vicodin habit she had picked up after having back surgery.  Nora seemed genuinely terrified of Aidan, and it was a Nora we had never witnessed before.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Things weren’t all sunshine’s and roses, though, as Aidan and Bishop’s relationship continued to stay complicated even in the new universe.  The King of Boston refused to let his guard down, even if that meant beating Aidan for stealing his clean blood supply to keep the vampires happy and in check.

Pushing Daisies: The fallout between him and Aidan had sent Josh scurrying out of town.  The sullen werewolf was determined to stay hidden and safe, and a job in a pie shop was just the place.  Sally was determined to reunite the gang, but Josh didn’t want any part of her plan or her crazy stories of their alternate life.  He refused to help Sally seek out Donna, he wasn’t living a happy life, but he was living and that’s all that he wanted. And he had a cool beanie, who doesn’t want a cool beanie!?

Unable to sit back and watch, Sally took matters into her own hands.  Calling on psychic Ilana, Sally possessed Josh, demanding to seek out Donna.  “You raped my will!” Josh shouted at Sally as Ilana expelled her from his body.  But Sally didn’t see anything wrong with her actions.  She needed help and she needed to return them to their original timeline.  Tension only grew bigger between the ghost and wolf as Josh was now in possession of some of Sally’s memories from the real universe; his marriage to Nora and his happy life with her flashed through his mind.

Back to the Future: After killing a vampire with the virus, Josh followed Sally back to the city to reconcile with Aidan and give him the one thing he needed to inoculate himself from the vampire flu. The boys’ reunion was anything but happy as Josh offered to “rumble” with Aidan outside by the dumpsters.  Sally quickly informed Aidan that it was Josh’s blood that would save him from certain death.

Deciding to taint the blood supply, Aidan once again was on a mission to rid of Bishop.  The two shared a cute father and son drunken moment, but it was all a ruse as the elder vampire was now infected with the virus.  Aidan refused to come clean to his maker, calling it a fluke that he wasn’t infected, but Bishop knew better– it’s never the father who kills the son.

Now free to rule Boston, Aidan had everything he wanted in his alternate universe.  Except, Josh and Sally weren’t going to stand by him or condone his actions.

Aidan quickly realized that ruling Boston wasn’t what he was after, it was losing Sally as a catalyst that had thrown him into the position he was in and he didn’t want it.  Apologizing to Sally was short-lived as Sally floated up and disappeared right into Donna’s kitchen.  This timelines Donna did not remember Sally either, but realized the connection between the two as trying to disperse of Sally only harmed herself.  Sally didn’t have to do much convincing of the witch to get her to agree to help her and send her back.

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

(Photo by: Philippe Bosse/Syfy)

Gathering with the gang, Donna explained that sending Sally into their original timeline would erase Aidan and Josh’s memories of the alternate universe, it would be as if it never happened.  The only catch? Sally would bungee through time before landing in the real world.  It didn’t matter, as Sally was ready to return to where she belonged.  Aidan urged Sally to make him remember their time together and Sally confessed her true feelings for Aidan– she had loved him for a long time now.

Donna’s spell worked, propelling Sally forward.  Her first stop wasn’t the real world, though, as she landed in an almost empty townhouse, boxes strewn everywhere.   “It was the one thing that gave me any hope!” Aidan shouted at Josh, “This is on you!” and with that Aidan snapped the neck of his best friend, killing him instantly.  Sally screamed, but it was too late, she was once again thrown back through time, landing at her final spot.  She quickly rushed out of the house to find Aidan standing by an ambulance, a body being taken from the house.  Sally panicked and asked where Josh was, but he was standing behind her.  The boys had called 911 to take Robbie’s body away.  Aidan and Josh questioned where she had gone, but the ghost was too shaken to fill in any details.

Things we need to discuss:

– THAT FUTURE SCENE. What!? How!? I can’t even comprehend.  What is it that would elicit such hatred in Aidan to kill his best friend? Even in the alternate universe where Aidan despised Josh he didn’t murder him.  The scene was so quick and painful that I had to re-watch, with a broken heart, several times to even get a hint of why this was taking place.  I have my theories, but hopefully this scene will not come into fruition.  Although Sally has learned that everything happens for a reason, she now has knowledge of what may happen in the future. Is there a safe way to stop it?

– Aidan’s relationship with alternate universe Nora was scary and upsetting. Is there a chance that the two may have spent some *wink wink* quality time together that ended horribly and with Nora stuck under Aidan’s thumb?

– It seems as though Sally plans to try and rekindle her relationship with Aidan in the real timeline.  With Suzanna and even feelings for Kat still lingering, will this universe’s Aidan be open to something with Sally? As a ghost how would they even make it work? I cringe as I write this.  I already miss the brother-sister relationship of the duo.

– At this point, is a happy ending for any of our favorite roommates really possible? Will we all be left in pieces or will we get some satisfaction? I can’t even think about it, I REFUSE TO BELIEVE IT’S ALL ENDING, OKAY!?  SEND ME BACK TO THE ALTERNATE UNIVERSE WHERE BEING HUMAN LASTS SEVENTEEN MORE SEASONS!

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