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TV REVIEW: Being Human “Oh Don’t You Cry For Me”

By on March 18, 2014

Sam Huntington as Josh. Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy.

Public Service Announcement: Body possession is a dangerous thing, guys.  I’ve tried it myself a few times and all I remember is waking up in Tijuana, Mexico with a bottle of drug store tequila and the name “Bob” tattooed on my a- Oh wait, where was I?

Oh right, body possession! Yeah, that stuff is dangerous.  I mean don’t get me wrong; it can be useful for a multitude of different reasons:  fast food consumption, wicked dance battles, and professing your love to the vampire you’ve been mooning over for years.  If you get the chance to jump into the body of a several hundred pound male werewolf and profess your love for the one you hold close, do it! Don’t let love stand in your way– Being Human sure didn’t.  Unfortunately, body possession can also lead to headaches, dizziness, and full on ghost-arrest.  Be careful.

With only three episodes left before we are left Being Human-less, it’s safe to say that this show is no longer taking the easy way out.  The writers are punching us where it hurts most and I’ve already handed over my insanity.  Just strap me down now because I don’t know how many more emotional roller coasters I can ride.

The Manson Family:  Determined to have a safe place to change sans Nora, Josh reluctantly went to the only people he knew may accept him: werewolves Mark and Andrew.  After apologizing to the men, he knew the only way to gain their trust was to show them his affliction.  Josh wolfed out in full form right in front of them, sending the two men into shock and awe.

Mark and Andrew were quick to welcome Josh back into their pack, but while Josh was under the impression that they may just admire him a tad too much, the pack was scheming with their own ideas.  It was time to throw another party and Josh was to be the guest of honor.  Things seemed off to the sullen wolf, but having a group that finally accepted him was more important in the moment.

With the full moon only a night away, the pack gathered for a big hurrah.  Josh’s curiosity didn’t last long as the truth came to light.  Mark and Andrew had invited a group of humans to their party who wanted to be scratched.  Appalled, Josh tried to ward off the two’s plans, but they quickly explained that they couldn’t scratch the humans themselves, it had to be Josh (for safety reasons, duh).  The vampires were growing their numbers and the wolves were going to be ready.

Josh continued to refute every plea from the wolves to help them.  This wasn’t his plan; this wasn’t why he showed them his ability to change at will.  Mark and Andrew weren’t going to take no for an answer, though, and tasing and locking Josh up was Plan B.

Pictured: Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath. Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy.

Pictured: Sam Witwer and Meaghan Rath. Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy.

A Walk to Remember: Sally was on a mission to reunite Josh and Nora, but her efforts were futile.  While Josh was open to reuniting with Nora, he knew that his inability to control his wolf and his recent carelessness was the breaking point.  Sally offered to once again use magic to help Josh control his wolf, but Josh knew the risk involved.  He would rather have Sally around than risk losing her through another time slip.

Nora, however, had other plans involving packing up her belongings and moving out.  Sally tried to stop her, but her mind was made up.  Instead of trying to harp on the issue, it was time for Sally to come clean about the few years she spent through time.  She explained Nora’s “Nurse Jackie” life (Nora weirdly thought was cool?), but it was her relationship with Aidan that caught Nora’s attention.  It was a little odd, but not shocking.

There wasn’t much time for more discussion (including an awkward conversation between Sally and Aidan about love and holding on to the right person), as Astrid rushed to the house to warn the gang that Josh had been taken hostage.  Conveniently, the pack was giving the new recruits a creepy college campus tour, leaving the house open for Aidan, Sally, and Nora to swoop in and rescue Josh.  Managing to break a now weak and overly tasered Josh out of the cage, it was only a matter of time before Mark, Andrew, and the rest of the pack returned to find them.  They were easy on Josh; it was Aidan they wanted.  Nora quickly escorted Josh from the premises and Aidan begged Sally to follow, but she wasn’t going anywhere.

The wolves relentlessly beat Aidan as Sally looked on.  Being incorporeal blew, but it quickly dawned on Sally that there was one thing she could do: body possession!   Jumping into each individual wolf’s body, Sally fended off any more attacks on Aidan.  All but one, large, male wolf stood and Aidan was certain he could take him alone.  “This one’s for me!” Sally declared as she jumped into the last remaining able body. She was steadfast to get Aidan to remember.  Stepping up to the vampire and looking into his eyes, she went in for the kiss.  What resulted was a somewhat sweet, but more awkward gesture.

Aidan, taken aback, delivered one final blow to the huge wolf, expelling Sally from his body.  With all the wolves conquered the two needed to discuss where the heck that kiss came from.  Sally couldn’t hold on to herself, all the body jumping had weakened her.  She dispersed back to the house and Aidan was left confused.

Pictured: Kristen Hager as Nora. Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy.

Pictured: Kristen Hager as Nora. Photo by: Philippe Bosse / Syfy.

Oh! Suzanna, Oh don’t you cry for me: Throughout the entire episode Aidan had been struggling with one aspect of his life he was keeping secret from the rest of the roommates.  Suzanna had once again returned and she was intent on getting Aidan to join her in her crusade against their own people.

There was only one person Aidan needed to rid of to make his ex wife happy: Kenny.  Not wanting to come clean to Suzanna, Aidan made a trip of his own to Sapp and Sons to see the operation for himself and to find a reason to keep Suzanna at bay from the Boston vampires.  Unfortunately, the scene at the  funeral home was all too similar to that of Bishop’s rule and Aidan was worried his son was stepping a little too close to the edge.  Kenny reassured his maker things were different, but the elder vampire wasn’t seeing it. Only one thing made Aidan second guess himself and that was Kenny’s devotion to his werewolf girlfriend Astrid.

He couldn’t keep the secret any longer.  Aidan marched over to Suzanna’s dank hotel room and confessed that Kenny was his son and it was his job, his promise, to protect the young boy.  Suzanna wasn’t sold on Aidan’s commitment to his progeny, but promised to give him two oddly specific months to reel him in before she returned to finish the job.

All was said and done, at least Aidan thought.  While Aidan went off to save his best friend, Suzanna was taking matters into her own hands.  Dusting all but one vampire at the funeral home, she made one last call to Aidan from Kenny’s phone as she sedated the young vampire.  Aidan fled to the funeral home, finding Kenny drugged and Suzanna with a stake in her hand (one she had forged from the wreckage of their home hundreds of years prior).

Suzanna begged Aidan to see that Kenny was not his son.  Their real son had died and Aidan needed to experience the pain she felt over Isaac.  Aidan pleaded with her to let Kenny go.  Why would she wish to inflict the same pain on him she had felt for over two hundred years? In order to secure her dominance, Suzanna sedated Aidan as well.  The vampire fell to the ground as his wife stood over his vampire son’s body.  With every ounce of strength he could muster up, Aidan continued to fight.  “Forgive yourself!” Aidan yelled at he grabbed a hold of the stake and directed it towards Suzanna, lodging it into her heart, thus ending the vampire.

Back at the supernatural shanty, Aidan returned from a night of getting some restful zzz’s on top of Kenny only to find Sally in a zombie-like state.  The body jumping had knocked her out cold.  Aidan questioned Nora why she would do such a thing as she knew the consequences from previous experiences.  Nora remarked that it was because he and Sally had fallen in love in the alternate universe.  Shocked, Aidan fell silent, but not before declaring that he would do anything for Sally.

One last scene revealed Sally waking up in the same room she had watched Lil’ Smokie get sacrificed in.  Where was this mysterious room and why was Sally tethered to it?

Things we need to discuss:

Now that a majority of vampires seem to be dusted the werewolves are now outranking the “leeches.”  Astrid mentioned that the pack didn’t take too kindly to Kenny and the Bishop comparisons throughout the episode only damaged the reputation of the kid.  Is there a war brewing?

Suzanna’s journey through season four was a different look into the vampire psyche, but her inability to take responsibility for her own son’s murder deluded her into hating her own people.  Overall, I’m not sure how I felt about Suzanna.  She had interesting yet detrimental qualities and I wasn’t the least bit surprised when Aidan chose Kenny over her (and if you read into the episode title for more than two seconds it kind of gave away from the beginning who was a goner).  The wife he had known had died over two hundred years ago.  I wish they had made Suzanna a witch from the beginning, tying her into Sally and Donna’s storyline and making her a more integral part of the show.

Sam Witwer’s acting this entire season has been on point.  The whole cast has set out to deliver their best season yet, but Witwer’s emotional high’s and low’s are a real stand out this season.  I tip my hat off to you, sir.

Will we finally learn the secrets of Lil’ Smokie? Will Aidan and Sally find a way to be together that doesn’t involve body possession?  Will the werewolves continue to drink the Kool-Aid? Will I sob into my keyboard as I embark on the journey of recapping the very last episodes of Being Human?

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