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Latest on Dracula’s “Of Monsters and Men”

By on November 15, 2013
Jonathan Rhys Meyers

Pictured: Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Alexander Grayson/Dracula -- (Photo by: Jonathon Hession/NBC)

Dracula’s “Of Monsters and Men” will see Browning setting out to prove once and for all that Grayson is the master vampire stalking London.

That’s according to the latest from NBC for the Dec. 6 episode. The episode will follow Browning’s attempts to ‘out’ Grayson by hosting a board meeting outdoors in the sunlight. Go heavy on the suncream Grayson!

Meanwhile, according to the report, Grayson and Van Helsing seek to acquire the final component to make their wireless electricity technology a success to be witnessed.

And finally, Mina and Harker consummate their love — not knowing that Lord Davenport plots to destroy the object that Grayson loves most … Mina.

Catch it Friday December 6 (10:00PM – 11:00PM) on NBC.

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