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7 Things to Know About Castle’s “Dead From New York”

BY Jennifer Griffin

Published 7 years ago

Castle doffs a fondly satirical cap to Saturday Night Live with next Monday's installment "Dead From New York."

This lighthearted episode -- surely the calm before next week's storming finale "Hollander's Woods" -- sees Castle and Beckett investigating the murder (described as "a jack in the box from hell" by castle) of Sid Ross, the tyrannical creator of Saturday Night Tonight, a long-running comedy sketch show.

With a list of suspects as large and colorful as the team of actors, writers and comedians behind the show, it's going to take every ounce of concentration to catch this killer - and not become starstruck along the way.

We've seen the episode a little earlier than most, thanks to our partners at ABC, and have compiled a list of juicy tidbits (one for each season of the show to date) for your entertainment below.

As usual, there are no major spoilers or reveals here. We're not about to ruin your enjoyment with whodunnits, whydunnits or even howdunnits. That said, if you are a major spoilerphobe, proceed with a modicum of caution.

Beckett Has a Fan … or Three

Rick’s head may be a little turned by the bevy of household names, celebrity guest hosts and famous singers loitering on the set of SNT (that’s Saturday Night Tonight, for the uninitiated), but it’s Beckett who wins the hearts and minds of the cast and crew of the show.

“How do you fight crime and keep your hair like that?” asks one awe-struck writer (we’d like to know too, for the record), while an ambitious young actress sets about tailing Beckett just so she can mimic her hair flip and apparently strange gait.

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