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‘American Idol' Season 16, Episode 3: Auditions Part 3 Recap [SPOILERS]

BY Apple Nash

Published 5 years ago

‘American Idol' Season 16, Episode 3: Auditions Part 3 Recap [SPOILERS]

“American Idol” Season 16 is getting more and more exciting. Judges Katy Perry, Luke Bryan, and Lionel Richie always make sure to give their best comments and constructive criticisms to all the aspiring singers. On the third part of the auditions, a new set of auditionees showcased their singing skills and abilities. Here’s a rundown of the contestants who made it to the next level of the competitions.

Crystal Alicea

Crystal is 20-year-old from Winter Haven, Florida who sang Sam Smith’s “Lay Me Down.” Crystal wowed the judges after hitting the right notes of the song and ended up with Katy Perry in tears. Crystal used to sing in Karaoke, so this probably helped her in controlling her voice well. She dedicated her performance to her boyfriend saying that she can’t picture her life without him since he has been her big supporter.

CRYSTAL ALICEA in American Idol

Guy D’Alema/ABC

Katy said that Crystal has a fantastic personality and that she’s funny, relatable, and has a down to earth character. Lionel added that it’s refreshing to see someone whom he wants the other artists to be and is very likable. After experiencing bullying, Crystal goes to Hollywood proving that she is better than what others think of her.

Krystin Harris

Being a horse trainer and a trick rider who spends her days on the farm, it’s not surprising to see her sing a country song. Krystin sang “Cowboy Sweetheart” by Patsy Montana.

KRISTYN HARRIS in American Idol

Mark Levine/ABC

She showed the judges how to milk a cow, and they seem to enjoy her demonstrations. But when it comes to her performance, Luke said that she has a great voice, and she’s still learning so he said yes. Katy, however, said no but she still goes to Hollywood with the mighty approval from Lionel.

Johnny Brenns

Johnny Brenns is an 18-year old guy who stands 6’5’’ tall. His parents don’t know that he is auditioning for American Idol but was fortunate enough in getting two yeses from the judges. Johnnysang an original song entitled “Blue Jeans.”

JONNY BRENNS in American Idol

Eric Liebowitz/ABC

Luke said that he has a smooth voice but asked Johnny to give him some more, which eventually led to a yes from Luke. Lionel said that he needs more years to grow, so he said no. However, Katy saved the day with the second and final yes.

Ricky Manning

Ricky is a singer-songwriter who sang one of his original songs called “LA Is Lonely.” His heartfelt performance gave him the golden ticket to Hollywood. Katy said that she could relate to his song and Lionel thinks Ricky is an excellent singer.

Effie Pasero

Effie Pasero performed her first original song, “Troubled Mind,” on the piano for her audition. The judges can’t hide their smiles throughout her performance and even gave Effie a standing ovation towards the end. Effie can be considered as one of the best auditionees in American Idol for this season so far.

EFFIE PASSERO in American Idol

Adam Rose/ABC

Effie grew up studying opera, so this helped her develop a great voice. Katy said that they have been looking for a voice like hers. The judges gave three yeses and said that they couldn’t wait to spend more time with her.

Johnny White

Life for Johnny as a kid wasn’t comfortable. His biological mother was a drug addict, and his father was in jail for nine years. Johnny and his sisters stayed in a shelter home for almost two years when Johhny was seven years old. A loving family adopted him, but Johnny often felt lonely. Music served as his therapy during those tricky situations.
When Johnny met his teacher, he started to believe in himself. When his teacher first met Johnny, the boy didn’t have confidence, but when Johhny held the microphone, he becomes a very different person. Johnny said that her teacher is the reason why he’s on American Idol.


Guy D’Alema/ABC

Johnny sang “It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.” The judges asked him to sing another song, and he chose to sing “All Of Me.” Johnny sang like his whole life depended on it, and so he got three yeses from the judges. Luke said that Johnny is inspiring and Katy agreed by saying that he’s a top 10 material.

Caleb Lee Hutchinson

Caleb started playing the guitar at age 12. When asked who Caleb’s musical heroes are, he said Luke Bryan is one. Caleb sang “If It Hadn’t Been For Love.” Lionel said that Caleb’s voice is well above his age and his singing made him smile. Katy appreciated Caleb’s comfortability in performing and noted that the texture of his voice feels a little bit unique.

Shannon O’ Hara

Shannon sat down on the piano and sang Adele’s “When We Were Young.” Lionel said that with SHannon’s excellent voice and passion in music, she could be a significant threat in the competition. Katy added that she has an exceptional sound.

SHANNON O'HARA  in American Idol

Guy D’Alema/ABC

Shannon’s father lost his job, and their family is in danger of losing their home so she auditioned for American Idol. With the hope of turning things around, here’s hoping for the best for Shannon.

Amelia Hammer Harris

Amelia is a daughter of iconic songwriter, Jack Hammer, who wrote many American classic songs in the 60’s and 70’s like “Great Balls Of Fire” and “Yakety Yak.” However, Amelia only saw her grandfather at 16 years old as her mother raised her.


Eddy Chen/ABC

The 26-year-old sang “Gimme Shelter” using her sexy and sultry voice. Katy was surprised to see that she’s not a singing superstar when in fact she’s a major artist already. Luke said that Amelia is a “put together” artist.

Julian and Milo Sposato

Good looks, good voice, and good personality–they have all of these characteristics. Twins Julian and Milo performed “Runaway Baby” by Bruno Mars with their saxophone and trumpet. Their ever-supportive father played the guitar for them too.


Adam Rose/ABC

Katy said that they could pass as Instagram models and Lionel noted that they’re perfect. Luke agreed by saying that they are amazing, so both of them are going to Hollywood.

Les Greene

Les is a 27-year old aspiring singer from Baltimore but grew up in a tent in Guyana, South America. Les is trying to make a better life not only for himself but most especially for his mother who has always been there for Les. He also added that his opportunity to audition in American Idol means the world to him. He sang “A Change Is Gonna Come” by Sam Cooke. Indeed, Les’ powerful voice led him to Hollywood!

Maddie Zahm

Maddie lost her confidence after gaining 100 pounds in a single year back in high school. But Maddie was lucky enough to meet her best friend of six years. Marcus. Maddie met Marcus in a music class after singing a Katy Perry song. Marcus changed her life and eventually helped Maddie boost her confidence.

MADDIE ZAHM in American Idol

Eddy Chen/ABC

Even though Marcus has down syndrome, he never failed to inspire her. Maddie is currently working in special education. Maddie went on to sing “New Rules” by Dua Lipa. The judges loved her performance, and she followed up with a duet with her best friend. They sang “Firework” by Katy Perry. Katy then said that Maddie is an incredible woman.
“American Idol” continues tomorrow night, March 19th at 8/7c on ABC.

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